Herron Gym was built as a gymnasium for men near what is currently Roudebush Hall. It was later renamed Van Voorhis Hall before being torn down in the mid 80's.


Sawyer Gym was built and included a small pool in the basement, a basketball court on the main floor, and a raised track around the basketball court.


Margaret Phillips was hired as Director of Physical Education for Women. She retired in 1962 after a distinguished career developing educational and recreational programs for women.


Thomas Van Voorhis was hired as Director of Intramural Athletics. He retired in 1956 and is credited with starting one of the first intramural programs on a university campus in the United States.


Withrow Court was built for men's physical education and intercollegiate athletics.


The Women's Recreation Association (W.R.A) cabin was built northeast of Oxford for women's recreational purposes only. No other groups were allowed to use this cabin in the 1960's.


Billings Natatorium was built for men's physical education and intercollegiate swimming and diving.


Herron Hall was built as a new women's only physical education facility. This facility was later renamed Phillips Hall in recognition of the accomplishments of Margaret Phillips.


Women's athletics were integrated into the intercollegiate athletic department.


The Office of Intramural Recreation was created in 101 Withrow Court. The initial staff included one director and three graduate students.


The Ohio Recreational Sports Association (ORSA) was formed.


Miami Recreational Sports Center was built at a cost of approximately 25 million dollars.


Herron Gym

Old Vanvooris Hall

Withrow Court

Withrow Courts

Phillips Hall

Phillips Hall

Recreational Sports Center

Rec Center


It is estimated that over 150 full-time staff and 2,500 students have worked in Miami Recreation since 1976.  If you are one of them we'd love to touch base, hear your stories, and share how you can stay involved with our staff and programs.  For more information contact Mike Arnos at (513) 529-8179 or arnosmp@miamioh.edu.