Reservation Scheduling


  1. You have to have an account & authorization to reserve times on the equipment.

CAMI Equipment Reservation Scheduler

  1. You will be asked to accept the secure connection/certificate to open the web site. You need to accept to access the web site.

For Internet Explorer: "There is a problem with this website's security certificate."

Choose: "Continue to this website (not recommended)."

For Firefox: "This Connection is Untrusted"

Choose: "I Understand the Risks"
Choose: "Add Exception. . . " (Wait a moment)
Choose: "Confirm Security Exception"

  1. For access from off campus you need to use Miami's VPN Client (Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client)
    1. Allow Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client to install.
    2. If the auto install fails download the installer via the provided link. And double-click the downloaded file to install.
    3. Start Cisco AnyConnect:
      Enter: Connect to:
      Click "Select" button
    4. Accept the certificate if asked.

To use Cisco's AnyConnect, Start the propgram, Enter your MIAMI ID and Password, and Click "Connect".

Once you are connected via the VPN AnyConnect, then you can click on the above link.