Support the CAWS

CAWS brings together faculty, students and staff from several departments, to provide a research and learning environment that can serve as a model system for Miami's philosophy of developing students into scholars. Our faculty members are leading scholars in the fields of ecology, environmental science and aquatic science; they publish papers in the top journals in the field and secure grants from many funding agencies and foundations. They also provide innovative and interdisciplinary research and learning opportunities for Miami students, ranging from first year undergraduates to Ph.D. students. Importantly, CAWS fosters an environment of collaborative learning, in which students learn from their peers and faculty. Many of our undergraduate and graduate students present their research at national conferences and publish papers resulting from their work. In addition, Miami faculty and students are committed to outreach activities designed to educate the public about watersheds and aquatic ecosystems.

It is only through the wonderful generosity of donors to the Center for Aquatic and Watershed Sciences that this is at all possible. Please take a few minutes and consider how valuable a resource this is to our students and help us continue these efforts with a gift.

There are several ways you can help us.

Unrestricted Gifts

These gifts allow the Center to apply your gift to the area of greatest need.

Designated Gifts

  • Internships or summer research fellowships to provide students opportunities to explore educational and research ideas in watershed and aquatic sciences
  • Sponsor symposia related to current issues in watershed and aquatic science and career opportunities (for example, for scholars from around the world to visit Miami and interact with students)
  • Grants to offset the costs of establishing and executing research projects in watershed and aquatic sciences
  • Grants to support the participation of our students in regional, national and international professional meetings, especially for those who have completed research projects and are eager to present their findings
  • Scholarships to recruit the very best students to attend Miami and to reward excellence at Miami

Equipment Gifts

Cutting-edge research and teaching in watershed and aquatic sciences requires major instrumentation for laboratory and field work. For example, we need state-of-the-art instruments to measure the chemical and physical properties of water as it travels through watersheds, and we need excellent lab facilities to train our students. We need to be vigilant in maintaining and expanding this equipment to provide the high-quality research and learning opportunities expected by Miami students.

Please contact Evan Lichtenstein at the Miami University Division of University Advancement at (513) 529-1263 to find out how you can provide support for these areas.

How To Make Your Gift

Please make your check payable to the Miami University Foundation, designate Center for Aquatic & Watershed Sciences on the memo line, and send to:

Center for Aquatic & Watershed Sciences
c/o Miami University
725 E. Chestnut Street
Oxford, OH 45056

or give online:

Visit Miami's secure, encrypted online giving form and then:

  1. Under Designations, enter the dollar amount of your contribution in the Other fund box.
  2. Type in Center for Aquatic & Watershed Sciences in the Comments or additional gift details (academic area, class scholarship, etc.) box.

Stock/Appreciated Assets

Donors may transfer donate assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, or real estate as gift commitments. The benefits of transferring appreciated assets may include tax deductions and the avoidance of capital gains tax. Please contact Evan Lichtenstein in the Miami University Division of University Advancement at (513) 529-1263 for further information.

Estate or Deferred Gifts

An estate or deferred gift to the Miami University Foundation designated for the Center for Aquatic & Watershed Sciences, can allow you or your advisors to incorporate future support for Miami University into your individual financial planning strategies. Please contact Evan Lichtenstein in the Miami University Division of University Advancement at (513) 529-1263 for further information.