The Alaskan tundra plant Lapland cassiope in bloom near Denali.
Galapagos fur seal pup yawning on sandy beach.
A male motmot sits on a tree branch displaying its unique tail.
A yellow-ear slider warms itself on a log at Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina.
A pika, a small rabbit-like mammal, stands as a lookout in its rocky, mountainous home.

Center Spotlights

Front cover of the Salt Creek Nature Sanctuary Celebration of Life brochure

Jean Lutz, Miami University professor emeritus of English, has been a long-time collaborator with the Center for Environmental Education. Over the years, students in Jean’s Professional Writing course have tackled numerous projects for the CEE and its partner organizations. Students created the signage and graphics for the Mollusc Gallery at Miami University’s Hefner Museum of Natural History, designed the museum’s colorful brochure, developed a brochure and trail guide for The Oxford Society’s Salt Creek Nature Sanctuary (located in nearby Franklin County, Indiana), and researched, designed, wrote, and produced a booklet for the Sanctuary and its Celebration of Life, a new event (based on Mexico’s Days of the Dead tradition) that will begin in September 2016.

Front cover of the Salt Creek Nature Sanctuary's Celebration of Life brochure