The Alaskan tundra plant Lapland cassiope in bloom near Denali.
Galapagos fur seal pup yawning on sandy beach.
A male motmot sits on a tree branch displaying its unique tail.
A yellow-ear slider warms itself on a log at Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina.
A pika, a small rabbit-like mammal, stands as a lookout in its rocky, mountainous home.


The Center is dedicated to promoting environmental education.

Statement of purpose

The Center exists to promote environmental education in both formal and informal settings and among all age groups.  We stress the importance of hands-on activities and outdoor experiences that immerse students and others in nature.

Effective environmental education–that which fosters an environmentally literate citizenry helps people:

  • understand how nature works;

  •  appreciate the interdependence of all life, thus respecting both the living and nonliving components of the biosphere;

  • recognize that environmental problems are caused by the interaction between natural and cultural systems;

  • adopt an interdisciplinary approach to solving those problems; and

  • act to prevent or solve environmental problems, should we choose to do so.


The Center’s audiences include students in preschool through higher education; Miami University faculty and staff; and the general public. In addition, the Center provides programming for non-Miami scholars and environmental professionals in both formal and informal settings.