A photo of the domes atop Harrison Hall.


The Havighurst Center is devoted to joint research by Miami faculty with other scholars from Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, and from other American universities; to service and learning activities that provide a greater understanding of this region for the student community; and to programs designed to foster interdisciplinary research on the most important questions relating to the future of this area.

The University created the Center to:

  • Serve as the focal point on the Miami campus for activities in the area of Russian, post-Soviet and post-communist studies
  • Provide incentives for other units to increase their teaching, research and other activities in this area
  • Serve as a national center for serious, sustained and interdisciplinary research into the politics, economics, culture, and history of the area
  • Provide facilities for post-doctoral scholars from the US and abroad
  • Promote external funding of research and conferences on the Center’s main themes