ILRC Facilities

Floorplan of the ILRC

The ILRC consists of three main areas on the south side of the ground floor in Irvin Hall.

Room 47:  This area houses the Director's Office. This is where most of the electronic resources for the language departments are created and maintained. The Director spend most of his time here, assisting students and faculty with problems, working on projects, and preparing materials for classroom use.

Room 50: This area is usually called the Windows Classroom. This room contains 20 Windows computers and an instructor station. An electronic whiteboard is available in this room, as well as a digital projector and sound system. This room is most useful for upper level language courses or movie and cinema courses. This room also serves as open lab space when courses are not reserved in this room.

Room 60: This area is usually called the Macintosh Classroom. This room contains 30 Macintosh computers, a standard whiteboard,  a large format 11x17 scanner, and a Pay-For-Print station. This room also has an instructor station and two digital projectors with sound system. This room is most useful for large classes (up to 30 students) and for general work. When student aides are available, they can be found in this room at the main desk by the entrance to the Center.

LOST AND FOUND: The ILRC serves as the repository for Irvin Hall's Lost and Found articles. We have a dedicated area at the front desk for students to search for missing books, papers, equipment, clothing, water bottles, and general items left in the building's classrooms. If you think you've lost something in or around Irvin Hall, please check our Lost and Found area in Irvin 60.