Images of Ohio Centenarians: An Exploratory Study

August 10, 2008


  • Lisa Groger
  • Jessie A. Leek
This research report presents findings from face-to-face qualitative interviews with 16 centenarians residing in southwest, central, and northeast Ohio. Our research focused on the following questions: How do centenarians adapt to remain in control of their physical and social environments? How do they sustain morale and motivation in the face of waning energy and declining physical abilities? How do they view the world from their vantage point? How do they interpret the past in light of the many drastic, if not revolutionary changes, they have witnessed in the course of their long lives? How do they go about making meaning of their experience? How do they tell their life stories?

This study was funded in part by the Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project through the support of the Ohio Board of Regents. We are grateful to AARP Ohio for their contribution toward report production.

Full Report (PDF 2.5MB)

Research Brief (PDF 261KB)


  • Case Studies/ Qualitative Research