'It depends': Reasons why nursing home residents change their minds about care preferences

May 9, 2014


  • Katherine M. Abbott

This study aims to understand and describe nursing home residents’ perspectives on why the importance of their preferences may change in daily care. Secondary data analyses of cognitive interviews with 39 cognitively capable nursing home residents regarding their importance of preferences for everyday living were completed. Findings indicate that nursing home residents’ preferences may change in importance or fulfillment in relation to personal or environmental circumstances. In order to develop formal care that matches older adults’ preferences, regular assessment of both elders’ preferences and the contextual factors affecting preferences is needed. However, given the changing nature of preference importance, there is also a need to determine how to best balance older adults’ changing preferences within care delivery environments.

The Gerontologist, 56 (2). doi: 10.1093/geront/gnu040


  • Care Management
  • Demographics