The role of community colleges in career transitions for older workers

September 25, 2014


  • Phyllis Cummins

An aging workforce, combined with the negative effects of the recent economic downturn, has increased the importance of identifying strategies to encourage working at older ages. The present study examined community college involvement in outreach and support programs for older displaced workers. This involved interviews with 27 key informants at 14 community colleges to gain an understanding of the role community colleges play in linking older students to credential or certificate programs. Effective strategies for community college involvement in workforce training were identified and include outreach programs for older students, providing advice for specific programs of study, support during the program to ensure completion, job placement services, and continuing education for skill upgrading.

Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 39(3). doi:10.1080/10668926.2013.843144

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  • Business/Economics of Aging
  • Education
  • Workforce Issues