Measuring Positive Attitudes toward Persons with Dementia: A Validation of the Allophilia Scale

February 17, 2016


  • Taka Yamashita
  • Jennifer M. Kinney
  • J. Scott Brown

Efforts to combat ageism typically focus on negative attitudes toward members of an out-group. Changing attitudes also requires assessment and enhancement of positive attitudes. This study examined the psychometric properties of Allophilia scale when used to measure college students' positive attitudes toward persons with dementia. Data collected from 465 students were analyzed using confirmatory factor analysis and multigroup analysis by gender to assess the validity and reliability of the Allophilia scale. Results showed that the Allophilia scale is valid both for male and female students. The Allophilia scale is a valid assessment tool for measuring positive attitudes toward persons with dementia. Use of this scale will contribute to our understanding of attitudes toward persons with dementia and has implications for the design of interventions to facilitate positive attitudes toward members of this out-group.

The International Journal of Social Research and Practice, doi: 10.1177/1471301216633247

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  • Psychology of Aging