Presentation - Strategies to Engage Marginalized Adults in Education

November 12, 2020


  • Abigail Helsinger
  • Samuel Van Vleet

This video is one segment of a larger presentation on intersectionality titled: Meaning and Purpose in Later Life: How Age, Race and Other Factors Shape Our Options for Work, Learning, and Civic Engagement. Our section of the presentation focused on strategies to engage marginalized adults in education. 

The entire presentation is available below: 


Download the Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

Suggested citation: 
Helsinger, A., Van Vleet, S., Cummins, P. A., Yamashita, T. (2020, November 12). Strategies to engage marginalized adults in education [Webinar]. Boston College, Social Work, Center on Aging & Work.


  • Case Studies/ Qualitative Research
  • Education
  • Global Aging
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