Social Impact and Social Justice Scholars Program

The Social Impact and Justice Scholars (SIJS) Program supports undergraduate students from any discipline who prioritize social justice or social impact in their studies at Miami. Whether a student is passionate about the promise of human rights and dignity or the possibility of for-profit initiatives that sustain social causes, the SIJS program is a good fit.

The following is a possible (but by no means an exhaustive) list of the types of students who could apply:

  • a creative writing or fine arts student interested in addressing climate change
  • an engineering student interested in sustainable and human-centered infrastructure
  • a business student interested in socially responsible investment (SRI), cooperative business models (co-ops, fair trade, etc.), or diverse workforce recruitment
  • a sociology, biology, or education student interested in solutions to problems of inequality (e.g., gender equality, criminal justice inequality, natural disaster intervention), or the wider implications of advances in science and medicine

The SIJS Program helps to grow the socially conscious and responsible community at Miami by recruiting high-performing diverse incoming undergraduates who are passionate about issues of social justice and social impact. The SIJS Program supports these students in their studies and helps them to center social impact or social justice in their course of study.

The Social Impact and Social Justice Scholars Program is an Undergraduate Academic Scholarship Program (UASP)  that is supported jointly by the Western Center for Social Impact and Innovation and the Department of Sociology and Gerontology.

The base scholarship is $2,000 per year for 4 years and is open to incoming students in all areas of academic areas of interest. The scholarship offer could increase to $3,000 total either during recruitment (pre-acceptance), or as an incentive for program participation during years 2, 3, or 4. If scholars participate in or attend designated scholar support programming they can earn $1,000 in scholarship money for the next year. The scholarship will be granted to 10-12 applicants per year based on a review of their application materials.

Types of scholar support programming include:

  • Faculty Mentorship Programming
  • Interdisciplinary Coursework
  • Educational Community Engagement and Social Activities

Faculty Mentorship Programming guides students in the identification and integration of their social impact or social justice issues and concerns into their major area of study.

The selected Interdisciplinary Coursework teaches students how to think about other complex issues of social justice and social impact from interdisciplinary and other perspectives. The courses include FST/IES/SJS 127-Environmental/Justice Films (1-4 credits), and WST 301-Interdisciplinary Problems and Questions (3 credits). Other courses might be developed for or offered as part of the Western biennial theme.

Educational Community Engagement and Social Activities are chosen to help build community on campus among students in the scholars program and between scholars and others who prioritize social impact and social justice. Programming includes:

  • SIJS Welcome (fall)
  • Western Center lectures (spring)
  • selected Western Students Center Programming
  • Sherry Corbett Memorial lectures (Department of Sociology and Gerontology)
  • Office of Community Engagement and Service sponsored projects