Richard E. Edelmann


Director of the Center for Advanced Microscopy and Imaging; Instructor

9C Upham Hall  (513) 529-5712

Area of Expertise

Microscopy, ultrastructural imaging, mycology, and developmental morphology

Biographical Information

My research interests center on all aspects of microscopy and ultrastructural imaging, including light microscopy (LM), transmission (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and scanning probe microscopies (SPM, STM, & AFM). In addition to conventional specimen preparation and imaging techniques, my work involves (1) developing and studying cryo-preservation techniques for biological specimens and (2) developing a high resolution digital imaging and analysis network within the Center for Advanced Microscopy & Imaging at Miami University.

For biological test organisms I study the ultrastructural reproductive development of members of the fungal class Zygomycetes. As group of organisms, the Zygomycetes are some of the most commonly found organisms and yet some of the most understudied organisms sharing our planet. My long term goal in these organism is to elucidate the fundamental steps of sexual reproduction.

Selected Publications

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