Kevin Matteson

Kevin Matteson

Associate Director MA/MAT Program, Instructor

13 Peabody Hall
Project Dragonfly

Biographical Information

Kevin Matteson is an ecologist and pollination biologist with a research focus on urbanized landscapes. For his doctoral research (conducted at Fordham University), Kevin utilized GIS and insect sampling to evaluate landscape factors influencing the diversity of bees and butterflies in community gardens of East Harlem and the Bronx. His postdoctoral work took him to Chicago where he was Co-PI on a multi-year NSF funded research project on pollination limitation in urban landscapes. Kevin is currently interested in community-based conservation efforts in cities and, through his work with Project Dragonfly, online course development and participatory education.

Kevin currently serves as the Associate Director of Master's Programs for Project Dragonfly, an inquiry-based conservation initiative offered by Miami University.

Courses Taught

  • Amazon: Avian & Tropical Ecology (BI0 642)
  • Baja: Field Methods (BIO 644)
  • Belize: Approaches to Environmental Stewardship (BIO 645)
  • Galapagos: Islands of Change (BIO 699.D)
  • Masters Capstone (BIO 637)
  • Urban Ecology (BIO 622)
  • Pollination Biology and Conservation (BIO 624)

Recent Publications & Presentations

  • Davis, A.Y., Lonsdorf, E.V. Shierk, C.R., Matteson, K.C., Taylor, J.R., Lovell, S.T., and Minor, E.S. 2017. Enhancing Pollination Supply in an Urban Ecosystem through Landscape Modifications. Landscape and Urban Planning 162 (June 2017): 157–66.
  • Lowenstein, D. M., Matteson, K.C., and Minor, E. S. 2015. Diversity of wild bees supports pollination services in an urbanized landscape. Oecologia: First online: 18 July 2015.
  • Lowenstein, D. M., Matteson, K.C., Xiao, I., Silva, A. M. and Minor, E. S. 2014. Humans, bees, and pollination services in the city: The case of Chicago, IL (USA). Biodiversity and Conservation 23(11): 2857-2874.
  • Matteson, K.C., Grace, J.B., and E. S. Minor. 2013. Direct and indirect effects of land use on floral resources and flower-visiting insects across an urban landscape. Oikos 122: 682-694.
  • Matteson, K.C., Taron, D. J., and E. S. Minor. 2012. Assessing citizen contributions to butterfly monitoring in 2 large cities. Conservation Biology 26 (3): 557-564.
  • Matteson, K.C. and G. Langellotto 2012. Evaluating community gardens as habitat for an urban butterfly. Cities and the Environment (CATE), 5(1). Retrieved from