Edward Tomarken

Emeritus Professor of English



  • Ph.D., English, University of Toronto, 1969
  • B.A., Honors in English, U.C.L.A., California

Teaching Interests

  • 18th century literary theory, particularly the use of movies and theory
  • Undergraduate Associate Program

Research Interests

  • Restoration and 18th century literary theory
  • Ethics
  • Police procedurals

Selected Publications

  • Genre and Ethics: The Education of an Eighteenth-Century Critic. University of Delaware Press, 2002.
  • As You Like It: From 1600 to the Present, New York, Garland Press, 1997.
  • A History of Commentary on Selected Writings of Samuel Johnson: 1738-1993, Columbia, South Carolina: Camden House, 1994.
  • Johnson on Shakespeare: the Discipline of Criticism, Athens, Georgia: The University of Georgia Press, 1991.
  • Johnson, Rasselas, and the Choice of Criticism, Lexington, Kentucky: The University Press of Kentucky, 1989.
  • “Samuel Werenfels, The False Sublime.” Augustan Reprint Society, 1985. Selected articles.
  • “Morality in Henry IV,” Sir John Falstaff, edited by Harold Bloom New York: Chelsea, 2004, pp. 187-210.
  • “Genre and Teleology: the Faith of Criticism in Evelina and ‘Marriage a la Mode,’” due out in a Festschrift for Armand Michaux, Luxembourg, 2000.
  • “James McClure’s Mickey Zondi: The Partner of Apartheid”, in The Post-Colonial Detective. Macmillan, 1999, pp. 37-54.
  • “A Discourse with Angels: Religion and Reduction in Richardson’s Clarissa”, inReligion and Reduction, Edited by Thomas Idinopolis, The Hague, 1996, pp. 320-28.

Work in Progress

Edward Tomarken is currently working on a book under contract on movies and literary theory.