Michele Simmons

Michele SimmonsDirector of Professional Writing
Associate Professor

374 Bachelor Hall
Oxford Campus
513 529 5221


PhD, Rhetoric and Composition, Professional Writing, Purdue University 2000

MA, Professional Communication, Clemson University

BA, English, University of Tennessee

  • public rhetorics & civic engagement
  • research methodologies
  • professional writing
  • usability & UX
  • digital writing
  • environmental communication


Articles and Chapters

  • Simmons, Michele. Engaging Circulation in Urban Renewal. In Laurie Gries and Collin Gifford Brooke, Eds. Circulation, Writing, and Rhetoric. Utah State University Press, 2018.
  • Staggers, Julie and Simmons, Michele. Secret/Agent. In Kristen Moore and Daniel Richards Eds. Posthuman Praxis in Technical Communication. Routledge. 2018.
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  • Sullivan, Patricia, and Simmons, Michele. “A User Experience Study of Annual Activity Reports: Bridging Context and (In)visible Technoservice Work of Technical Communication Faculty. SIGDOC '16: Proceedings of the 34th Annual International Conference on the Design of Communication. Article no. 47, Silver Springs, Md, September 2016.   
  • Simmons, Michele, Moore, Kristen. & Sullivan, Pat. Mentoring Women Faculty in Technical Communication: Identifying Needs and the Emergence of Women in Technical Communication. Programmatic Perspectives 7(2), pp. 277-297, Fall 2015. http://www.cptsc.org/pp/vol7-2/simmons.pdf
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  • Simmons, W. Michele,  Zoetewey, Meredith W. Productive Usability: Fostering Civic Engagement in Online Spaces. Technical Communication Quarterly, Vol. 21 Issue 3, p251-276, 2012. 
    Winner of the 2012 Nell Ann Pickett for Best Article in Technical Communication Quarterly
  • Simmons, Michele. Encouraging Civic Engagement through Extended Community Writing Projects: Re-writing the Curriculum. The Writing Instructor: Technology Disruptions Of/In the Pedagogies of Professional Writing, 2010. http://www.writinginstructor.com/simmons
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  • “Toward a Critical Rhetoric of Risk Communication: Producing Citizens and the Role of Technical Communicators.” With Jeff Grabill. Technical Communication Quarterly, 7.4 (Fall 1998): 415-441. Winner of the 1998 Nell Ann Pickett Award for Best Article in Technical Communication Quarterly.

Reprinted in Essays in Professional Writing and Rhetoric: Readings from the Field. Ed. Tim Peeples. Boston: Allyn & Bacon/ Longman. 2002.

  • Rethinking the Safe Drinking Water Act. Center for Policy Studies Special Report Series, Clemson University, February 1995.
  • “Studying Risk at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.” (with C. C. Travis) Federal Facilities Journal, 3.3 (Autumn 1992): 295-300.

Simmons is currently working on a book project entitled, Post-industrial Publics: Rustbelt Revitalization. This research examines the rhetoric that enables and disables long-term civic engagement in more chronic situations including urban renewal. The book aims to offer a framework for building sustainable civic engagement in urban revitalization.