Larysa Bobrova

Larysa Bobrova

Visiting Assistant Professor 
Department of English and ACE (American Culture and English) Program

147 Bachelor Hall
Oxford Campus


PhD, Applied Linguistics, Pennsylvania State University, USA, August 2013
PhD, Comparative-historical Linguistics and Typology, Donetsk State University, Ukraine, June 2000
BA and MA equivalent, Teaching English and German as Foreign Languages and Linguistics, Horlivka State Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages, Ukraine, June 1991

  • Second Language Writing
  • Concept-based Instruction in ESL Writing
  • Sociocultural Approaches to Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
  • Service Learning Pedagogy
  • Multimodal Metaphor
  • ESL Composition
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Teaching Second Language Writing
  • Cognitive Semantics
  • Introduction to Linguistics
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  • Gil Watz Dissertation Fellowship, Center for Language Acquisition and College of the Liberal Arts, Pennsylvania State University, Summer, 2012
  • Fulbright Scholarship, Affiliated with the Department of Slavic and Germanic Languages and Literatures, Pennsylvania State University, 2003–2004


  • Recipient, Gil Watz Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Applied Linguistics, Center for Language Acquisition, Pennsylvania State University, Spring, 2013. [One of two awarded]

Bobrova is currently involved in two projects: (1) she is exploring language instructors' strategies employed for addressing lexical errors and the effectiveness of cognitive semantics for instructors' feedback, and (2) she is also pursuing a research project on the use of concept-based instruction in ESL writing.