Graduate Research Forum

The Graduate Research Forum is an opportunity for Miami University graduate students to share their scholarship with the university community. Students present their scholarship in oral sessions and in poster sessions, and are evaluated by faculty and alumni judges. Awards are given to the top oral and top poster presentations.

The 2017 Graduate Research Forum was held on Friday, November 3, at the Shriver Center

If you're a graduate student, it's not too early to think about what you might present next year.  If you are a graduate alumnus, please consider helping out in some capacity.  

2017 Presenters were:

Wladyslaw Betkowski, "Geochronology of the Lllagua tin porphyry":  (Advisor:  John Rakovan)

Caleb Chappell, "Sulfur in Apatite:  A New Potential Geochemical Tool, Investigated at NSLS-II a DOE User FAcility":  (Advisor:  John Rakovan)

Masoomeh Kousehlar, "Natural Versus Anthropogenic Contributions to the Atmosphere Particulate Matter During the National Holiday in the Urban Area":  (Advisor:  Elisabeth Widom)

Patrick Cullen, "Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Devonian Ohio Shale within the Appalachian Basin":   (Advisor:  Brian Currie)

Calvin Anderson, "Textural and Isotopic Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Wire Silver":  (Advisor:  John Rakovan)

Shannon Fasola, "Template Matching Analysis of Swarms in Oaxaca, Mexico and Their Relationship to Slow Slip":  (Advisor:  Mike Brudzinski)

Maureen Haley, "Constructing Continental Crust:  Tracking Petrogenesis of Granitic Batholiths of the Oslo Rift, Norway":  (Advisor:  Claire McLeod)

Alex Kugler, "Protecting Filamentous Cyanobacteria from Ultraviolet Radiation using Micas":  (Adviser:  Hailiang Dong)

Richard Brydon, "Breaking up a Continent: Timing and Sources of Granitoid Magmatism in the Oslo Rift, Norway":  (Advisor:  Clair McLeod)

Jared Wink, Wrik Chatterjee, Sutton Chiorini, Patrick Cullen, Lyndsey Farrar, Melanie Sorman, et al., "Flexural partitioning of the Late Albian-Cenomanian Cordilleran foreland-basin system, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado":  (Advisors:  Brian Currie, Mike Brudzinski, Carrie Tyler)