Kathryn LaFever

Contact Information

photo of Kathryn LaFever115 Upham Hall
Oxford, OH 45056
(513) 529-0658


Visiting Assistant Professor
Global and Intercultural Studies (International Studies)


PhD, Miami University


Dr. LaFever started teaching in postsecondary education in 1982. She taught in Japan in 1990 and joined Miami University in 1999. A progressive educator who focuses on students as the center of the educational enterprise, LaFever is the Faculty Advisor for the Miami University Model United Nations (MUMUN), the International Student Organization (MUISO), and student UNICEF as well as the Miami of Ohio Handball Club.


Kathryn LaFever's publications and presentations focus on interdisciplinary and global education, neoliberalism and the 'No Child Left Behind' mandates, the 'myth' of Mrs. Rosa Parks, aesthetic literacy and education, Foucault's heterotopia, and feminist pedagogy.

She has pending publications on pilgrimage tourism, empowering Buddhist nuns through STEM education, feminist curricular and pedagogical space, and socially engaged Buddhism.

Other Activities

As a child, Dr. LaFever lived in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, and visited most of the U.S. states. Since then she has lived and traveled in the UK as well as France, Greece, Malta, Italy, Monaco, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Qatar, Nepal, and Japan.

LaFever serves on the Fulbright Campus Interview Panel Committee, as well as serving as a judge for the Graduate Student Forum, of Miami University.

Her professional honors include being a Lifetime Member of the National Scholars Honor Society, a Conference Advisory Board member of the International Journal of Arts and Sciences, a Scientific Editorial Board member of Didactiques, and an editor of The SoJo Journal.

Dr. Lafever also writes spy novels and is the Executive Director of STEM Tara, a non-profit organization supporting STEM curriculum and pedagogy for Buddhist nuns in the Himalayan region.