Faculty and Staff

Department Administration

Dr. Margaret Ziolkowski

Margaret Ziolkowski, Ph.D.
Department Chair

Ms. Juanita Schrodt

Ms. Juanita L. Schrodt
Administrative Assistant

Faculty in Arabic

Dr. Elizabeth M. Bergman

Elizabeth M. Bergman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Mr. Saleh Yousef

Saleh Yousef, M.A.
Assistant Lecturer

Faculty in Chinese

Quinghua Cao

Qinghua Cao, Ph.D.
Visiting Scholar

Ms. Su Liu

Su Liu, M.A.
Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Xiuwu Liu

Xiuwu Liu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Liang Shi

Liang Shi, Ph.D.

Ms. Lihong Wang

Lihong (Helen) Wang, M.A.
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Haoshang Yang

Haosheng Yang, Ph.D
Associate Professor

Faculty in German

Dr. Sasha Gerhards

Sascha Gerhards, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Catherine Grimm

Catherine Grimm, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Mariana Ivanova

Mariana Ivanova, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Oliver Knabe

Oliver Knabe, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor

Faculty in Hebrew

Faculty in Japanese

Dr. Kazue Harada

Kazue Harada, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ms. Ayako Reiff

Ayako Hotchi Reiff, M.Ed.
Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Tomoyuki Yabe

Tomoyuki Yabe, Ph.D.
Assistant Visiting Professor

Faculty in Korean

Mr. Won Ahn

Won Ahn

Faculty in Russian

Dr. Irina Goncharenko-Rose

Irina Goncharenko-Rose, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor

Contacts for Interdepartmentally Related Programs

American Culture and English Program
Mrs. Carol Olausen

Asian/Asian-American Studies
Nalin Jayasena

Confucius Institute
Ms. Chen Zhao

East Asian Literature and Culture Studies (Japanese)
Dr. Noriko Reider

East Asian Literature and Culture Studies (Chinese)
Dr. Liang Shi

East Asian Studies
Dr. Stanley Toops

European Studies
Dr. Nicole Thesz

Jewish Studies
Dr. Hillel Gray

Dr. Vincent Palozzi

Medieval Studies
Dr. Anna Klosowska

Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Dr. Matthew Gordon

Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
Dr. Benjamin Sutcliffe