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Mr. Saleh Yousef

Mr. Saleh Yousef

Mr. Saleh Yousef


  • B.A. degree in Political Science; Ohio University, Athens, Ohio; 1984.
  • M.A. degree in International Studies/International Development; Ohio University, Athens, Ohio; 1985.
  • M.A. degree in Political Science; Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; 1987.
  • Doctoral Candidate in Political Science; Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; (inactive).


Arabic Lecturer, Miami University, Department of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures. August 2011- present.

Arabic Instructor, Miami University, Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages (GREAL) August 2006 to present and Part-time, Visiting Arabic Instructor, August 2005 to July 2010.

Have developed and delivered the following courses:

  • ARABIC 101 Beginning Standard Arabic (4 semester hours) - Study of the alphabet, sounds, and writing style. Basic grammatical structures and development of reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. For students with no prior study of Arabic.
  • ARABIC 102 Beginning Standard Arabic (4 semester hours) - Developing basic grammatical structures and communication skills. Students read and write short passages on various real life situations. Develop a balanced knowledge of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • ARABIC 201 Intermediate Modern Arabic (3 semester hours) - Strengthening of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills, and building knowledge of Arabic language, literature and culture.
  • ARABIC 202 Intermediate Modern Arabic (3 semester hours) - Intermediate level of skill in Arabic, with which students can read and discuss topics of general interest, including many aspects of Arab culture.
  • ARABIC 301/302 Advanced Arabic (3 semester hours) - Advanced readings and discussions focus on various literary and cultural topics ranging from classical to contemporary. The course integrates advanced grammatical constructions with comprehension and communication skills.

Active participation in academic advising and departmental responsibilities as member of the Department of German, Russian, Asian Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (GRAMELAC).

Active involvement with the Miami University Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessment (CELTUA) which is dedicated to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Study Abroad Program, Coordinator, Miami University - Developed a cooperative arrangement between Miami University and the University of Jordan (Amman) for intensive, immersion Arabic language program; Eight-week session that covers language and cultural aspects of the Arab World and involves travel within country and the region.

Arabic Instructor, Earlham University, Department of Languages and Literature: August 2008 to present, delivery of Introductory Arabic Language course.


  • Star Talk. Annual conference on professional development in language teaching. Brigham Young University, July 22-July 29.
  • Arabic Language Club, Advisor, Miami University: - A student group interested in exploring Arabic culture and promoting the Arabic-related curriculum; goal is to further the understanding and familiarity that Miami students have with a region of the world that is often misunderstood, organizes many activities and events.
  • Mid-West Model Arab League, Local Coordinator, Miami University: - Serve as Advisor to student teams at regional and national levels and have coordinated regional conference hosted by Miami University. Miami students have received numerous team and individual awards at regional and national levels; several students have gone on to further their education or pursue careers related to their Model Arab League experience.


  • Critical Language Conference, Miami University, November 2008
  • “The Arab American & Muslim Experience” – invited speaker; Racial Legacies & Learning XII: How to Talk About Race; Miami University Hamilton, Oct 2004.
  • "Tangled in the Web: Use of the Internet & WWW by Opposition Movements in the Gulf States"- paper; Midwest International Studies Association; Cleveland, Ohio; Oct 1997.
  • "Political Risk in The Persian Gulf" – paper; Midwest International Studies Association; Cleveland, Ohio; Oct 1997.
  • "Rumblings in the Desert" – paper; International Studies Association; St. Louis, Missouri; Oct 1996.
  • "Inter-Cultural Communication: Newcomers to America" – invited speaker; A Day in Arab American Affairs sponsored by the Kettering Center and the Center for Healthy Communities; May 1996.
  • "Rentier States and Political Stability - The Case of Saudi Arabia" – paper; Southern Political Science Association; Atlanta, Georgia; Nov 1994.
  • "Current Affairs in the Middle East" – guest lecture; Wright State University; Feb 1993.
  • "Social Change and Economic Development" – guest lecture; International Student Association; Wilmington College; Jan 1993.


  • Arabic
  • English