Irvin Hall in the Fall Irvin Hall in the Fall


Prospective students interested in applying to the Department of German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures should visit the university admission site to begin and complete the process.  There are no additional steps required for admission to the department. Prospective students and their families are welcome to visit during regularly-scheduled hours.  Visits may be coordinated through the Office of Admissions, or by contacting the Department office at 513-529-2526.

Matriculated students who are interested in learning a new language and have never had previous study in that language may register for the language course beginning at the 101 level and work their way through the normal language progression of 101-102-201-202.

Matriculated students who have had previous knowledge of a language and wish to continue study in that language should take a placement test so they may be accurately placed into a course and continue where their previous knowledge of the language was left off. Please click the language below to for specific placement instructions regarding the language you wish to continue in: