Combined Bachelor's/Master's

If you are getting close to satisfying all of the requirements for your Bachelor's degree in Math with time to spare, you may be be able to leave Miami with a Master's degree in Mathematics!

Miami's Mathematics and Statistics Departments offer a Master of Arts and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics, a Master of Science degree with an option in Operations Research, a Master of Science degree in Statistics, and a Master of Arts in Teaching. Graduate teaching assistantships in all programs are available with a stipend of approximately $15,200, remission of the instructional fee, and up to $1,800 summer support.

You should be aware of the departments' five-year Master's degree programs. By carefully planning your program before or during your sophomore year, you can earn a Bachelor's degree in four years and a Master's degree in one more year. Normally, two years are required for a Master's degree after graduation with the A.B. or B.S. However, the masters can be completed in one year plus 2 full summers. Undergraduates or recent graduates who have completed almost all of the requirements for certification (except perhaps for student teaching and a course or two) may be able to complete these requirements and obtain a Master's degree in two academic years.

Talk to an Advisor

Students interested in graduate study at Miami or elsewhere may wish to consult with Professor Doug Ward for mathematics programs (529-3534, 285 BAC, or Professor Doug Noe for statistics programs (529-5838, 305B UPH,