Dr. Brian Danoff

Brian Danoff

OFFICE: 212 Harrison Hall
EMAIL: danoffbf@miamioh.edu

Degrees and Institutions

  • Ph.D., Political Science, Rutgers University
  • M.A., Liberal Studies, The New School for Social Research
  • B.A., Politics, University of California, Santa Cruz

Selected Publications

  • Why Moralize upon It? Democratic Education through American Literature and Film. Lexington Books, Lanham, MD, 2020.
  • Educating Democracy: Alexis de Tocqueville and Leadership in America. SUNY Press, Albany, NY, 2010.

  • Alexis de Tocqueville and the Art of Democratic Statesmanship, (ed. with Joseph Hebert). Lexington Books, Lanham, MD, 2011.

  • "Invisible Man and Democratic Leadership." American Political Thought 8 (Winter 2019): 54-81.
  • “‘I’m the Captain Now’: Power, Justice, and Tragedy in ‘Benito Cereno’ and Captain Phillips.” American Political Thought 6 (Winter 2017): 30-53.
  • "Lincoln and the ‘Necessity’ of Tolerating Slavery before the Civil War.” The Review of Politics 77 (Winter 2015): 47-71.

  • “A School or a Stage? Tocqueville and Arendt on Politics and Education.” Perspectives on Political Science 41 (July-September 2012): 117-24.

  • “Asking of Freedom Something Other than Itself: Tocqueville, Putnam and the Vocation of the Democratic Moralist.” Politics and Policy 35 (June 2007), 165-90.

  • “Lincoln and Tocqueville on Democratic Leadership and Self-Interest Properly Understood.” The Review of Politics 67 (Fall 2005), 687-719.

  • “Leo Strauss, George W. Bush, and the Problem of ‘Regime Change.’” Social Policy 34 (Winter/Spring 2004), 35-40.

  • “Arendt, Kafka, and the Nature of Totalitarianism.” Perspectives on Political Science 29 (Fall 2000), 211-218.

  • “Lincoln, Machiavelli, and American Political Thought.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 30 (June 2000), 290-311.

Work in Progress

Dr. Danoff’s research is in American political thought and modern political theory.

Updated: 8/24/22