Careers in Political Science

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With several hundred majors in its programs of Political Science, Diplomacy and Global Politics, and Public Administration, the Department of Political Science ranks among the most popular undergraduate fields of study at the University today. If the experience of these students matches that of preceding graduates, they look forward to excellent career prospects.

For those concerned about the usefulness of political science as a career preparation, we think there is considerable reassurance to be found in the record of our graduates. The political science major provides an excellent grounding in the social sciences, coupled with a solid liberal education. There is substantial evidence that such learning is valued in a wide variety of career areas.

Increasingly, we see a pattern of hiring and recruitment that is not narrowly defined in terms of a required major in some select area. The organization that is interested in our graduates is primarily interested in the quality of the student. This is not to say that all graduates are indistinguishable from each other. It is only to suggest that the potential of a specific major may be more in its ability to indicate that a student can think critically, write well, and be adaptable under a variety of circumstances than in its links to specific careers. We strongly encourage students, therefore, to broaden their perspectives as to the range of possible options available to them, and to acquire appropriate areas of skills and specialties.

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