Mr. Andrew Herrick

Andrew Herrick


Master of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature
Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)
Aug 2010 – Aug 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese
Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)
Aug 2006 – Aug 2010

Study Abroad

School of International Education, Liaoning
University (Dalian, China)
Sep 2008 – Jul 2009

University of Oviedo (Oviedo, Spain)
Jan 2011 – Jul 2011
Studies in Spanish language and literature

Work Experience

Freelance Spanish Tutor
Sep 2017 – Aug 2022
Help students with grammar and pronunciation

Freelance Chinese-English Translator and Proofreader
Mar 2018 – Mar 2022

  • Over 90 articles for the social media marketing project titled “What Brings Us Together”
  • Chen, Pingyuan. The Change of Narrative Modes in Chinese Fiction (1898 - 1927).
    Peking University Press (2021)
  • Zhao, Jinpo. “Memory, History, and Role: Wang Lijuan and Her Schoolmates Who Graduated from Normal School.” School of Education Science, East China Normal University (2019)
  • Ding, Gang and Yong Zhou. "China's Education Study and Global Perspectives. "School of Education Science, East China Normal University (2019)
  • Lo, Nai Kwai. "Curriculum Reform, Standards and the Teachers of the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong SAR. "Selected Essays on China’s Education: Research and Review, Volume 3 (2019)

Chinese-English Translator and Proofreader
Sun Yat-sen University (Guangdong, China)
Sep 2012 – Aug 2017

  • Worked with the translation department to translate and proofread Guangdong provincial government articles and reports. Works include: 170 page introduction to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital History Museum Exhibition (2016)

English Language and Translation Instructor
Sun Yat-sen University (Guangdong, China)
Sep 2012 – Aug 2017

  • Taught courses in spoken English, English composition, and Chinese-English translation for Master's in Translation and Interpreting students