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Learning Portuguese grants access to the rich and diverse cultures of Portugal, Brazil, and other Portuguese-speaking countries. From the captivating literature of Fernando Pessoa to the vibrant rhythms of Brazilian music, understanding Portuguese opens doors to a world of art, music, and literature. Portuguese is spoken by over 260 million people worldwide, making it one of the most widely spoken languages. Proficiency in Portuguese enables meaningful connections and cultural exchanges with people across various countries, fostering global understanding and friendships. Portugal and Brazil are emerging economies with growing influence in business, tourism, and diplomacy, providing opportunities for career advancement and international collaboration. Overall, learning Portuguese offers the rewards of cultural immersion, expanded communication abilities, and a deeper appreciation of the Lusophone world.

CAS-A Language Sequence

Portuguese 111 and 211 are intensive language courses that allows students to complete the equivalent of first-year Portuguese in one semester and second year Portuguese in one semester. For those with background in Spanish or another Romance language, these course concentrates on basic skills and allows students to meet the CAS-A language requirement in one year.

Independant Studies

For students who have had extensive Portuguese language and culture courses completed, an independant study in Portuguese can target and intensify your research and learning in specific areas of interest. Independant study in Portuguese can work with various majors and minors to enhance your investigation and curosity of your targeted specialization with a Lusophone lens.

Cultural Courses

Several Portuguese courses mesh and integrate with other majors and areas of interest, enhancing your major. Courses such as Brazilian Culture Through Music and FilmAfro-Brazilian Diaspora Through Film and Arts, and Brazilian Women through Literature and Film all offer the student a fresh and sometimes unexpected insight into the Lusophone diaspora. POR 383, for example, counts towards our Spanish major and is cross-listed with Film Studies and WGS (Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies).

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