Medicine and Health

Miami offers all of the courses you need to prepare for medical school or other healthcare-related professions. Over the last 4 years, 60.2% of Miami undergraduate applicants have been accepted to medical schools. The Association of American Medical Colleges reports a national acceptance rate of 41.9% into M.D. programs. For those students with an overall 3.5 GPA and scored no less than the 50 percentile on any section of the MCAT, the acceptance rate is 79.9%.

Although you can select any major and still meet the requirements for any health professional program, most students major in one of the biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, or psychology. If your interests change while you are attending Miami, you can work with academic advisors and career specialists to meet your career goals.

Highlights and Opportunities

  • Choose the Premedical Studies co-major in addition to your primary major for a broad-based premedical background and preparation for pursuing advanced degrees in medicine and other healthcare-related fields
  • Tackle the complexities of global health issues with the interdisciplinary Global Health Studies minor, which involves course content from Anthropology, Biology, Microbiology, Statistics, Chemistry, Psychology, Philosophy, Geology & Environmental Earth Science, and more
  • Explore the Public Health major, which offers three different specializations focused on preventing illness and promoting health in individuals, communities, and society as a whole
  • Connect with a full-time premedical advisor, available beginning your first year, to help you complete the course prerequisites for medical and other professional schools
  • Participate in medical-related activities and live with other students who are interested in medical careers via the Premedical Living Learning Community
  • Conduct research with a faculty mentor or propose your own independent research
  • Acquire leadership experience and networking opportunities in student organizations such as the American Medical Student Association, Miami MED, and Phi Delta Epsilon (a medical fraternity)
  • Get involved with the Premedical Advisory Committee, which helps you develop professional school application materials
  • Connect with the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education, which sponsors and administers:
    • Merit-based scholarships
    • Symposia and workshops highlighting current topics in health
    • Full immersion job shadowing with practicing physicians, many of whom are Miami alumni
    • A student ambassador program, in which you take an active role in Miami’s premedical community