Pre-Professional Programs

Miami's Sue J. Henry Center for Pre-Law Education informs students about law school and the practice of law, as well as providing focused guidance and counseling on undergraduate coursework and law school admissions. The Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education provides programs and services that inform students of the issues facing today's healthcare professionals.

Pre-Law Education

In addition to the professional development courses sponsored by Miami's Sue J. Henry Center for Pre-Law Education, Miami offers all of the skills-based courses needed to prepare for law school. A variety of courses across all disciplines are available to develop the critical reading, writing, and analytical reasoning skills required to succeed in law school and beyond. Because law schools do not look for any particular major or area of study, students are encouraged to major in any area that interests them and in which they can excel.

Miami 2019-2020 seniors applying to law school were accepted at a rate of 94%, compared to a national average of 80%.

Beginning in your first year, you can explore your interest in law in PLW 101: Exploring Careers in Law, a Pre-Law course designed to expose students to the diversity of the legal profession through guest speakers who work in a variety of fields, including criminal prosecution and defense, law firm litigation, public interest law, business, and in-house
counsel work.

The Henry Pre-Law Center sponsors an annual Law Day where you can meet representatives from over 75 law schools from around the country. Law Day includes a mock law admissions panel.

Students preparing for the LSAT can:

  • enroll in Miami's spring LSAT preparation course, taught by a former professional LSAT instructor
  • take simulated practice exams sponsored by the Henry Pre-Law Center, complete with teach-back sessions

Miami seniors who apply to law school will learn to navigate their way through the application process in PLW 401: Preparing for a Career in Law.

Pre-Healthcare Education

The Premedical Studies Co-major provides a broad-based premedical background and prepares students to pursue advanced degrees in medicine as well as other healthcare related fields. Beginning in the first year, a full-time pre-medical advisor will help ensure that you complete the course prerequisites for medical or other professional schools.

CAS medical school applicants over the last 4 years had a 61.7% acceptance rate. The Association of American Medical Colleges reports a national acceptance rate of 42.7%.

The Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education sponsors and administers:

  • merit-based scholarships
  • symposia and workshops highlighting current topics in health
  • full immersion job shadowing with practicing physicians, many of whom are Miami alumni
  • a student ambassador program in which you will take an active role in Miami's pre-medical community