Alumni Spotlight

Alumni talk about their professions, their favorite Miami experiences, and more.

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Lucas Nourse

photo of Lucas Nourse(Class of 2009)

"The liberal arts are extremely important because they force students to become dynamic in their learning. This is important for your success after you leave Miami. You may be the best microbiologist in the nation, but you won't get a research grant if you cannot navigate the world outside the microscope. These days, you have to be multidimensional."

Read what Lucas had to say about his career as a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist.

Bill Mahoney

photo of Bill Mahoney(MEn Class of 1981)

"Learning people skills is critical, and having a broad perspective on a variety of topics makes you a much more balanced individual. I work with a lot of renowned scientists, and many don't have the people or leadership skills necessary to advocate for the sciences or mentor early career staff. A background in the liberal arts is an ideal way to provide these skills."

Read what Bill had to say about his career in the atmospheric sciences.

Sandy Doyle-Ahern

photo of Sandy Doyle-Ahern(MEn Class of 1992)

"I remember coming out to Miami for an interview, uncertain whether I wanted to attend because I was from the East Coast and wasn't sure it would be a good fit for me. But when I got to the school, I fell in love with the campus and the program and was so impressed with professor emeritus of geography Gene Willeke that I made my decision on the spot to accept and attend!"

Read what Sandy had to say about her successful career path at EMH&T.

Karen Kosiba

photo of Karen Kosiba(MS Class of 2002; MAT Class of 2003)

"Miami has given me the foundation for my PhD: the background knowledge and methodology, the laboratory experiences, and being able to communicate with and educate people. These days I work with a lot of interns, both undergraduate and graduate students, so my own experiences help me explain my work to them on a fundamental level."

Read what Karen had to say about her research studying tornadoes and hurricanes.

Todd Foster

photo of Todd Foster(MEn Class of 2000; MBA Class of 2001)

"Few people, if any, can achieve great things completely on their own, so decide today to be an enabler of greatness by finding ways to assist those around you. If you choose to actively support others, the breadth and depth of your contributions will know no bounds."

Read what Todd had to say about his pragmatic approach to improving the environment.

Rebecca Jorgensen

photo of Rebecca Jorgensen(Class of 2016)

"Mentorship was definitely the biggest influence I've had at Miami. My phenomenal mentors in the economics department really pushed and guided me as I tried to figure out how to get where I wanted to go."

Read what Rebecca had to say about her research and path to graduate school.

Ken Pulkkinen

photo of Ken Pulkkinen(MS Class of 1971)

"My graduate degree, on a broader level, taught me to question things and to find useful ways to apply my learning. My research was on nuclear physics, but when I graduated, I didn't go into that field at all because there weren't many job openings at that time. However, I was also interested in astrophysics, so that lead me to working in astronomy at the Naval Observatory."

Read what Ken had to say about his work on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

Chuck Konrad

photo of Chuck Konrad(Class of 1989)

"Miami graduates have a brotherhood and sisterhood that I've never seen in any other university's alumni. The connection that Miami graduates have regardless of when you graduated is unique."

Read what Chuck had to say about how his psychology degree helped him in the business world.

Steve Crutchfield

photo of Steve Crutchfield(Class of 1972)

"This is my first visit back to Miami in close to 20 years, and boy have things changed. This place looks good. Walking around campus, there's a palpable feeling that I want to be here. Even on a cold gray day in early April you can look around and see that pride and energy — someone is doing something right."

Read what Steve had to say about a career that has taken him around the world and back.

Marissa Clark

photo of Marissa Clark(Class of 2007)

"My career path has been an exciting one, full of opportunity — not only the opportunity to do really cool stuff, but the opportunity to make a positive difference in people's lives…I wanted to have a job that I could be proud of, where I wasn't just a cog in the wheel. Miami helped me achieve it."

Read what Marissa had to say about her work as an advanced analytics senior analyst in the healthcare.

Jason C. Brown

photo of Jason C. Brown(Class of 1999)

"With my major and minor, I was all over the map as a Miami student, but it was interesting and fun. The mixture of science and theater and film classes I took gave me great insight into the possibilities that lay ahead of me."

Read what Jason had to say about his work as a first assistant director for movies and television.

Edward "Jed" Frees

photo of Jed Frees(Class of 1975)

"Liberal arts education is critical because it teaches you how to think. It's important to have foundations in the arts, the humanities, and the sciences, and knitting them all together is the most important thing. It's not really what you learn but how you learn, and that's what I think a liberal arts education provides."

Read what Jed had to say about the path he took on the way to becoming a professor.

Justin Heuser

photo of Justin Heuser(PhD Class of 2008)

"I tell undergrads to always keep learning, as cliché as that seems. It does not matter if they are planning to further their education with a masters or doctoral or medical degree or pursue a career directly. Success is measured from a great number of perspectives. People say this often, but it is true that by picking up new scraps of knowledge each day you make yourself and those around you better."

Read what Justin had to say about his role as a technical manager for a specialty chemical company.

Benjamin Gray

photo of Benjamin Gray(Class of 2010)

"My roommate convinced me to apply for housing in the international dormitory on Western campus. Besides the unique experiences and perspectives this provided, the dorm was where I met many of my closest friends and was introduced to books and ideas that would shape my interests and career plans."

Read what Benjamin had to say about his perspectives on the field of medicine.

Jonathon Dreeze

photo of Jonathon Dreeze(Class of 2011)

"One wouldn't necessarily think that Miami, tucked away as it is in this little corner of Ohio, has such a robust Russian language, culture, and history program — especially such an active and well-known Russian area studies center as the Havighurst Center. Most people expect to find programs of this quality at the big universities like OSU, Indiana, Bloomington, or Madison, Wisconsin."

Read what Jonathon had to say about his research interests in Russian history.

Pamela Miller

photo of Pamela Miller(Class of 2005)

"My Miami education has helped me reach my full potential, taught me how the world works, and made me smart enough to go on to complete law school and a master's degree at the same time. Every day in my career, I use skills I learned at Miami, such as high level reading and research ability, excellent writing skills, strong persuasive argument skills, and the ability to think creatively and forge new paths in my field."

Read what Pamela had to say about her work as a clinical social worker and attorney.

Judith Kaufmann

photo of Judith Kaufmann(Class of 1969)

"When I was an undergraduate at Miami in the late 1960s … I was interested in government and politics but also what were then called area studies. There weren't any formal programs in international affairs at Miami so I cobbled together one myself by taking courses in government, history, and language."

Read what Judith had to say about her career path from Foreign Service Officer to consultant and expert on diplomacy for global health.

Matt Francis

photo of Matt Francis(Class of 1994)

"Chemistry is often called the central science because there are so many ways it can interface with other types of science. For pure chemistry, there are jobs in materials, in polymers, and in pharmaceuticals. If you want to interface with other fields, there are incredible opportunities with biology, physics, environmental science, and more at national labs, renewable energy companies, medical schools, and so on. Chemistry is also a great platform to learn medicine, practice law, and even start a business, for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit."

Read what Matt had to say about his profession as a professor of chemistry and executive associate dean.

Margo Rosner

photo of Margo Rosner(Class of 2012)

"Majoring in anthropology allows people who are interested in learning about culture to forge their own path. For me, public health became a smooth transition, as I discovered ways to use social and behavioral methods to impact health and healthcare. My background in behavioral health has given me experience building holistic programs for different facets of an all-encompassing, complex problem."

Read what Margo had to say about her profession as a health social and behavioral scientist.

Katie Lehmann

photo of Katie Lehmann(Class of 2012)

"At Miami, I learned from extraordinary professors and mentors, and they instilled in me a desire to work hard and push myself to reach my goals. I also learned that the Miami network is extensive, which one of my professors utilized to help me land my first job."

Read what Katie had to say about her profession as a petroleum geologist.

Commander Jeffrey Betz

photo of Commander Jeffrey Betz(Class of 2001)

"As a college student, your life is filled with opportunities, and you have so many things that you can do next. That's a great place to be! It may sound something like what you'd read in a Hallmark card, but in a lot of ways it's true. Being equipped with that Miami degree makes the whole world open to you — you can really go out and do anything that you want when you leave here."

Read what Commander Betz had to say about his profession as a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy.

Tony Albrecht

photo of Tony Albrecht(Class of 2003)

"Developing relationships has always been one of the biggest rewards. At Miami, I worked closely with professors and built mentorships, and this helped accelerate my learning and hone in on what I was passionate about in geology and geophysics."

Read what Tony had to say about his profession as a senior geologist.