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American Culture and English Program

Miami University’s American Culture and English (ACE) Program provides conditionally admitted international undergraduate and graduate students with high-quality English language instruction and a challenging and supportive intellectual environment. This is combined with cultural and co-curricular opportunities that support students in being successful at Miami.

Why ACE at Miami University?

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The ACE Program prepares international students for academic and cultural life at Miami University.
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ACE has been shown to directly contribute to future academic success as students move on to their degree programs after ACE.
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ACE students can be found studying majors in every division on campus.
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ACE students earn credit toward graduation while they are in ACE, and many graduate in four years or less.
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Your Campus Experience

ACE students live on campus among Miami students, and they engage in coursework, co-curricular and extracurricular activities along with their American peers. They have access to academic and recreational opportunities, as well as a solid support system through the English Language Learners Writing Center, the InterfACE Mentor Program, customized academic advising, and career advising through the Center for Career Exploration and Success. As they work their way through the ACE program, students are able to fully adjust to life at Miami.

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Benefits of ACE

  • ACE builds confidence in English and on campus, so you feel good starting your degree program in your second semester.
  • Being in ACE allows you time to adjust to American culture and transition from high school to university life.
  • ACE classes improve your writing and research skills.
  • ACE provides lots of speaking practice with students, teachers, and mentors.
  • ACE is designed to be one semester, so you can start your major by the second semester.
  • ACE classes count for university credit toward graduation.
  • Miami has a good reputation as an old and well-established public university.
  • There are some scholarships available.
  • ACE is located on campus and is an easy walking distance to the central area of Oxford. The campus and the town are safe and beautiful with a nice climate and natural beauty.
  • It can be easy to make friends in ACE!

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American Culture and English Program

162 Bachelor Hall
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Oxford, OH 45056