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Premedical Living Learning Community

Mallory-Wilson Center Pre-Medical LLC

The practice of medicine has become a team effort and offers an incredible variety of career possibilities. The Mallory-Wilson Center (MWC) Pre-Medical Living Learning Community (LLC) brings together students interested in pursuing a career in one of the medical fields. The MWC LLC programming will help students explore the fields of healthcare so they can learn about career opportunities and make informed career choices. Students in the community will take core courses required for admission to essentially all health professions schools, and the MWC Pre-Medical LLC support systems will help students as they navigate those first challenging courses. 

Potential Events and Activities
  • Pre-health professions advisor exclusive office hours
  • Study groups
  • Suture workshops
  • Medical school visits and tours
  • Programs to connect with upper-class students
Required Course

PMD 101: Explorations in Healthcare Careers (1 credit hour). Explores the various career pathways in healthcare and helps students considering a career in a healthcare field develop a comprehensive plan of preparation for admission to medical school or other healthcare professional schools. This professional development course is for all students considering a career in healthcare

Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education

106 Pearson Hall
Oxford, OH 45056