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Center for Neuroscience and Behavior

The Center for Neuroscience and Behavior is an interdisciplinary research center within the College of Arts and Science. Its mission is to promote neuroscience research as well as to train graduate and undergraduate students.

Neuroscience at Miami University

Neuroscience is a rapidly advancing field with relevance to all aspects of our everyday lives. As a highly interdisciplinary field, neuroscience requires an in-depth study of the nervous system at multiple levels of analysis—including molecular, genetic, cellular, and systems levels. Students studying neuroscience at Miami do so through a variety of interdepartmental offerings.

Degrees and Programs

Pair a Neuroscience co-major or minor with any other primary undergraduate major or study neuroscience through our M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Biology and Psychology.

professor and student in a lab looking a a model of a brain

Undergraduate Co-Major in Neuroscience

The Neuroscience Co-major offers students the opportunity to pursue an in-depth exploration of the biology of individual nerve cells, the organization of nerve cells into a functional nervous system, and the role of the nervous system in behavior and cognition.

student and professor looking at a book

Graduate Studies

Graduate students can pursue an advanced degree with a focus on neuroscience research through the Department of Biology or the Department of Psychology.

Learn More

Explore faculty research profiles and learn how to get involved with neuroscience at Miami University.

students learning about the brain

Neuroscience Honor Society

Miami University hosts a local chapter of Nu Rho Psi, the National Honor Society in Neuroscience. Membership in Nu Rho Psi is open to faculty, post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, and undergraduate students.