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Center for Structural Biology and Metabonomics

The Center for Structural Biology and Metabonomics at Miami University is a pioneering research institution dedicated to advancing our understanding of complex biological systems. Through the integration of cutting-edge structural biology techniques and advanced metabolomics approaches, the center investigates the molecular intricacies of biological molecules and their interactions. With a focus on unraveling the relationship between structure and function, the center plays a vital role in driving breakthroughs in areas such as drug discovery, disease mechanisms, and personalized medicine.

Advanced Imagery, Advanced Discovery

The images below, obtained through collaborative efforts, showcase the remarkable capabilities of the Center's 850 MHz NMR spectrometer (pictured above) and the cutting-edge equipment at the Miami University Center for Advanced Microscopy and Imaging (CAMI), underscoring the power of interdisciplinary research in visualizing and understanding complex molecular structures.

image-7.png image-8.png

NMR spectroscopy and electron microscopy identification of metabolic and ultrastructural changes to the kidney following ischemia-reperfusion injury

Authored by

Tafadzwa Chihanga, Qing Ma, Jenna D. Nicholson, Hannah N. Ruby, Richard E. Edelmann, and Michael A. Kennedy in collaboration with Dr. Prasad Devaraja at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Sponsored by the NIH

Molecular basis of P[II] major human rotavirus VP8* domain recognition of histo-blood group antigens

Authored by

Shenyuan Xu, Luay U. Ahmed, Michael Robert Stuckert, Kristen Rose McGinnis, Yang Liu, Ming Tan, Pengwei Huang, Weiming Zhong, Dandan Zhao, and Michael A. Kennedy in collaboration with Xi (Jason) Jiang from Cincinnati Children's Hospital

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