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Our Mission

The mission of the College of Arts and Science is to develop in our students the knowledge and skills for success in a dynamic, global society and to foster excellence in creativity and research. (adopted April 2012)

Our rich diversity of academic programs includes 60 majors, 11 co-majors, and dozens of minors, all of which provide critical thinking and communication skills and present a broad range of opportunities and experiences. We design these programs to cultivate intellect and creativity and to encourage empathy and working for the common good, all of which are key building blocks to career success in our ever-changing, globally-minded workforce.

Graduates of the College of Arts and Science can pursue any field or profession they desire because they received a broad, rigorous education that challenges and inspires them. And when you enroll at CAS, you will, too.

Dedication to Undergraduate Education

For nine years in a row, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Miami among the nation's best universities for undergraduate teaching, and we are proud of our commitment to this student body.


in 2021-22, there were 1,585 CAS student enrollments (or 54% of all Miami students) at Miami for research projects or independent studies.


of first-time applicants were accepted into medical school; around 20% higher than national average


of May 2022 graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate school by fall


of 2019-2020 senior CAS applicants were admitted to law school (compared to 83% national average).

Areas of Study

CAS majors, co-majors, and minors are organized into themed groups that highlight different fields of study and emphasize the strengths of our programs — like undergraduate research, study abroad, scholarships and awards, and career options.


These theme areas include:

Biological and Life Sciences

Students who choose these majors are usually interested in careers in medicine and health, environmental science and sustainability, biological research and analysis, and science education.

Global and Cultural Studies

Our interdisciplinary programs will provide you with opportunities for cultural experiences and immersion within and beyond our borders as well as opportunities to gain the cultural understanding and analytic skills necessary to succeed in a modern global environment.

History, Philosophy, and Religion

These majors within the humanities involve the study of human ideas and reasoning that underlie different world views. Using original texts and critical readings, you will access, interpret, and evaluate diverse worldviews and explore what it means to be human.

Law and Public Policy

Prepare for law or graduate school and for careers in such professions as governance at the local and national levels, diplomacy and global politics, public administration and public service, and working to bring about social and political change.

Literature and Writing

Employers indicate that good writing is the most sought-after competence for college graduates. At Miami, you can study literature and writing in the departments of English, classics, and the world languages, and go on to enjoy a career in business, education, editing and publishing, law, government service, or nonprofits.

Mathematics and Physical Science

Understand complex problems as climate change or the development and distribution of energy resources. Our graduates are employed by state and federal agencies, environmental energy and natural resource industries, research and educational institutions, and environmental law firms.

Media Studies and Communication

Explore new ways to write, research, and interact through digital texts and media, and to work with evolving technologies that will put you at the forefront of multimedia development, digital game studies, online journalism, and digital communication.

Medicine and Health

Select any major and still meet the requirements for any health professional program, most students major in one of the biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, or psychology. If your interests change while you are attending Miami, you can work with academic advisors and career specialists to meet your career goals.

Psychology and Human Behavior

Explore individual, group, cultural, and societal influences on human thinking and behavior, and use different approaches and methods to study such topics as child development, abnormal behavior, prejudice, intercultural conflict, inequality, and social institutions.

World Languages

Master one or more of the 14 languages offered by Miami, ranging from Arabic and Chinese to Italian and Russian, and gain cultural understanding through courses in film, history, literature, religion, politics, and the arts.

Undeclared CAS Majors

Whether you are still looking for your passion or hoping to combine your many interests, you can pursue a number of paths while still satisfying graduation requirements. Along the way, you will discover what is right for you.

Interdisciplinary Programs

CAS and Miami University as a whole are continuously revising our program offerings to meet the needs of the 21st century. Our interdisciplinary programs in the CAS reflect a school-wide commitment to prepare students for active roles in the new global community. Some of these programs include:

The Humanities Center

The Humanities Center fosters creative exchanges and collaborations among faculty, students, and outside experts.

Inside Workshops

Miami's Inside Workshops in Hollywood, Washington, New York, London, and other cultural capitals, offer a series of study-away programs dedicated to professionalizing the liberal arts

Scripps Gerontology Center

The Scripps Gerontology Center serves as a resource for policymakers and service providers to make a difference in the lives of aging individuals.

International Opportunities

All CAS students are encouraged to be among the nearly 2,000 students who participate in study abroad and study away programs each year. These programs may be offered over the summer, during the academic year, or in Miami's recently established Winter Term. Undergraduates may earn Miami credit at the Dolibois European Center in Luxembourg, on one of the many faculty-led programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America (as well as a variety of locations in the United States), or through transfer credit programs, such as exchanges.

Multicultural Opportunities

CAS students may also wish to participate in one of our many multicultural opportunities provided both by the college and various organizations across campus.

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) is an honors program funded by the National Science Foundation. It is named after former Ohio Congressmen Louis Stokes, who worked tirelessly to establish the program. The award-winning 4-year Miami LSAMP scholars program, as a member of the Ohio LSAMP Alliance, aims to significantly increase historically underrepresented minority student opportunities on campus.

Humanities and Social Science Scholars Program

The HASS Scholars Program targets high-achieving first-year students from diverse backgrounds enrolling on the Oxford campus whose primary major will be in the humanities or social sciences. The goal of the HASS Scholars Program is to provide additional academic and personal support to ensure student success in CAS and Miami.

Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards, and Internships

As a Miami student, you have the opportunity to pursue countless scholarships and honors. Our faculty can help you prepare for competitive awards such as the Rhodes, Truman, Goldwater, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Beinecke, and Udall Scholarships.

The College of Arts and Science

Representing nearly half of all students, the College of Arts and Science (CAS) is Miami University's largest division and the centerpiece of liberal arts — the wide range of subjects in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities crucial for the development of key professional skills desired by employers.


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