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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is committed to providing students with the foundational training necessary for graduate work as well as careers in education, business, industry, and public service. Our faculty come from all over the world and have a strong commitment to both research and teaching. Stop by Bachelor Hall and ask your professor what a mathematician does!

Why Study Math?

It's Versatile

"Mathematical careers outside of academia rarely carry a simple title of 'mathematician.'" According to the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics there are many jobs that utilize mathematics in our modern society, from engineering, data analysis, to actuarial and accounting work. 

Getting a degree in mathematics shows employers that you are logical and good at solving problems, as well as showing a desire to take on difficult challenges. 

Good Salaries

Actuaries are among the top-paying jobs in America, according to Forbes actuaries have a mean salary of over $80,000. Mathematicians have an average salary of over $100,000. According to research from the University of Vanderbilt adding a second major in mathematics to any degree can raise the average salary by up to 25 percent! Mathematics-based jobs were 3 of the top 4 jobs according to this CNBC article, with Mathematician taking the top spot.


Due to the highly specialized nature of mathematics-based jobs, as well as their high demand job stability is much higher than in other fields. Job growth in mathematics-related fields is also growing faster than qualified people are entering the market by almost 10%.

(Data from Forbes, AMA, and the National Math and Science Initiative)

Find Solutions for Difficult Problems

Can you resist a puzzle when you see one? No. Great!  If you like solving problems, puzzles, or using logic just for the fun of it Mathematics may be right for you.  

Mathematics can teach you new ways to solve puzzles, beat a computer, and succeed at difficult problems.  Not to mention, just how far away from practical logic can take you. 

Many Extracurricular Opportunities

Join a mathematics club or organization, study abroad, and attend a lecture. There are many ways to get involved as a mathematics student.

Colloquium Series

Give to the Mathematics Department

Help us prepare the next generation of leaders in the mathematiical fields—and our society as a whole. We have numerous scholarships, grants, and programs accepting contributions from donors like you.


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