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Arts and Science Multicultural Association

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Our Mission 

The Arts and Science Multicultural Association (ASMA) mission is to serve as a liaison between students and industry professionals seeking diverse talent for inclusive work environments. ASMA focuses on embracing diversity within Miami’s campus across dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, major, socioeconomic class, religion, disability, age, background, and more by bringing in professional development opportunities within and outside the business sphere

What we do:

Miami's ASMA program welcomes students from the College of Arts and Science and provides:

  • Career and Professional Development 
  • Skills-building workshops to prepare students for interviews with professionals
  • Networking events introducing students to industry professionals 
  • Information about internship, job, scholarship, and sponsorship opportunities 
  • Field Trips and Experiential Activities 
  • Career and personal assessment tools including CliftonStrengths 
  • Community Building & a Diverse and Safe Environment

A Growth Mindset Community 

ASMA aspires to be a diverse community of students that engages in a “growth mindset” and believe that our talents can be developed no matter where they are. We see change and challenges as opportunities to grow as leaders, build our creative confidence, cultural intelligence, entrepreneurial thinking, and collaboration abilities. The ASMA student community strives to use our growth mindset to develop our capacity for innovation so we can assist organizations in achieving greater success.

Our Partners

ASMA seeks opportunities to partner with: 

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Cincinnati Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners 
  • Consulting Firms 
  • Medium to Large Corporations
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Organizations 
  • National and Professional Organizations
  • Federal, State and Local Agencies 
  • Community & Nonprofit Organizations 
  • LEADS Institute Partners in the College of Arts and Science 
  • Miami University’s Center for Career Exploration and Success
  • Miami University Colleges and Student Organizations 
  • Miami University Alumni

How To Join

ASMA is an open organization meaning anyone and everyone in the College of Arts and Science is welcomed to join our organization. Once registered on the HUB, all new members will be sent an email inviting them to their first general meeting. 

Students in the College of Arts and Science can also email the ASMA Faculty Advisor & Director of DEIB, Ms. Carolyn Craig, at or call (513) 529- 1234. 

LEADS Institute - College of Arts and Science

The LEADS Institute is an Academic Excellence and Leadership Accelerator in the College of Arts and Science that provides innovative, high-touch and comprehensive student-success programming to accelerate talented students' successful transition to and in college and strengthen their potential to become competitive candidates for graduate and professional school or competitive employment opportunities.