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Goal #1: Inspire a passion for clinical research in program graduates

Benchmark for Success in achieving goal:

100% of Miami University Program graduates will complete research capstone projects, including a course in Evidence-Based Medicine, Citi-Program Training on protecting human subjects in research, delivering a poster presentation on a rural health topic, and preparing a manuscript for possible publication.


To date, 100% of enrolled learners have completed their Evidence-Based medicine Course, Completed Citi-Program training, and have selected their topics for research.

Achievement of these benchmarks is scheduled for completion following the first cohort graduation in 2025. Additional information will be posted here following student graduation.

Goal #2: Improve awareness, health, and service to individuals and communities within rural and underserved regions of Ohio and the United States

Benchmark for Success in achieving goal:

100% of program students and 80% of program faculty will be members of the Ohio Rural Health Association.

75% of clinical students will complete at least one rotation in a rural or partially rural location.


To date, 100% of faculty and students have continued membership in the Ohio Rural Health Association, including the foundation of a student representative and planning team to coordinate and develop the ORHA annual conference at Miami University 2025.

Clinical rotations for the first student cohort are scheduled to be completed in 2025 and the program will post additional information here after the first cohort graduates related to clinical placements in rural locations.

Goal #3: Prepare graduates for exceptional performance on the National Certification Examination, reflected in high first-time pass rates


Goal is to have a 90% first-time pass rate and 100% board pass rate in each cohort.

This will be presented with national data reported after the first cohort of students graduates in 2025.

Goal #4: Strong commitment and engagement with professional health organizations

Benchmark for Success in achieving goal:

Students will engage in professional advocacy, through 100% membership of the students and at least 90% of faculty to our professional organizations, namely American Academy of Physician Associates, Ohio Association of Physician Assistants, and Ohio Rural Health Association 

As leaders in advocacy for the profession, the program will have at least two students per year representing the program with local, regional, and state leaders.


To date, the program has observed 100% membership of all faculty and students to our professional organizations, including American Academy of Physician Associates, Ohio Association of Physician Assistants, and Ohio Rural Health Association 

The program has five policy and advocacy representatives who traveled to the state capital this year, 2024.

Goal #5: Prepare our graduates to embody excellent interpersonal communication skills and professionalism

Benchmark for Success in achieving goal:

The program will prepare graduates to embody excellent interpersonal communication skills through training in a dedicated history taking course for the program for each cohort that 100% of matriculated students will complete and pass this course successfully. 

Additionally, the program will measure student professionalism and communication skills on Objective Structured Physical Examinations (OSCE) where 80% of learners in each cohort will pass the first time during each OSCE session during the clinical training year for these categories. 


The program has seen 100% completion and pass rate on history taking course for the program, and implementation of standardized patient program to begin Objective Structured Physical Examination sessions to prepare learners for the upcoming clinical year.

The program will report results following completion of the first cohort’s clinical year in 2025.

Physician Associate Studies

Miami University’s Physician Associate Studies program is designed to develop generalist, family medicine clinicians who can provide service to predominantly rural, underserved communities. It is housed in the brand-new, state-of-the-art Clinical Health Science and Wellness Center on the Oxford campus.

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Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Building
2101 Leadership Suite
421 S. Campus Avenue

Oxford, OH 45056



The ARC-PA has granted Accreditation-Provisional status to the Miami University, Master of Medical Science in Physician Associate Studies Program sponsored by Miami University - Oxford.