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Meet Katheryn Antonowich

Katheryn Antonowich
Katheryn Antonowich

Meet Katheryn Antonowich

Katheryn Antonowich
  • Freshman majoring in Geography and Sustainable Development
  • From Peachtree Corners, Georgia
  • Swims for the Miami RedHawks Swimming and Diving Team
  • Member of Miami’s Environmental Professionals Association

"If you’re thinking of coming to Miami, I would definitely visit first and see the campus. That is when I fell in love with Miami. Being able to see the layout of campus and see students going to class is a great way to feel the real atmosphere."

Katheryn Antonowich




Why Miami?

"A big part of my decision in coming to Miami was the swim team. I went through the recruiting process for the team, met the coaches, and had Zoom calls with the captains. Unfortunately, I couldn't do a tour at first because of COVID-19, but eventually, I got to visit campus and fell in love with just how beautiful Miami is.

"My favorite part of Miami, now that I am here, is the people. I have met so many amazing people with different backgrounds. Getting to know them and building friendships has been a highlight of my time on campus so far. We have taken advantage of the various activities that Miami has to offer, going to football, volleyball, and field hockey games as well as participating in the events that Miami Activities and Programming (MAP) puts together for students.

"I feel that the school does an excellent job with providing students with events every week. There is always something to do that takes you outside and away from the stress of studying when necessary!"

Upcoming Miami Experiences

"Being a freshman, I haven’t been able to do a lot yet. Right now, I'm looking at possible sustainability-related internships I can get in Atlanta, which is where I’m from. I definitely want to get some real-life experience related to my major in Geography and Sustainable Development, and if not, then I'll wait until next summer. I really want to do sustainability-related field work before I graduate so I can get a better idea of what kinds of jobs are out there.

"I also definitely want to study abroad during my time at Miami. I've started looking into those options in places like Iceland, because Iceland is really big on renewable energy resources. I'm still exploring all my options, but Miami has a lot of great resources and opportunities.

"I joined the Environmental Professionals Association so that I could learn more about my passions, make connections, and possibly find an internship or job for the future related to my major. So far, we have had multiple speakers connected to the environmental science field or energy sector come and talk to us about their professions and how they became successful. They give us great insight."

Miami and the Liberal Arts

"I’ve always been interested in sustainability, especially since taking AP Environmental Science in high school. Taking that class played a big role in my decision in choosing my major here at Miami. The classes I’ve taken so far go into a lot of depth about sustainability in terms of climate change and issues happening around the world, but I’ve also learned about the landscape of the earth, causes of natural disasters, and other areas that you're not exposed to in high school.

"This past semester, I took a geography class from associate professor Mary Henry focused on learning about various areas of the world and their climate types, landforms, and biogeography. Professor Henry did an excellent job with not only the course material, but also with presenting students with several opportunities related to our majors.

"While I’ve enjoyed the classes related to my major, I am also liking my Miami Plan classes so far. One of my favorite classes this semester has been HST 245: The Making of Modern Europe: 1450-1750, which is taught by professor of history Renee Baernstein. Her class focuses on religion, art, and culture during the Renaissance and the Enlightenment."

Representing Miami on the Swimming and Diving Team

"Being on the swimming and diving team has been awesome. I personally specialize in mid-distance free and individual medley, in which we swim all four strokes. We eased back into team practices at the beginning of the fall semester, but now we're full gear with lifting and swimming almost every morning and afternoon. But it's really fun, and I love the team!

"So far, the women's team has competed in several meets, both at our home pool and at other colleges within Ohio. Traveling with the team allows for strong bonding between the athletes; the energy at meets through cheering and encouraging one another is unmatched with any team I have ever been on.

"Swimming in college has also taught me a lot about time management. With so much time spent in the pool or in the weight room, I have limited time to devote to anything else outside of the classroom. I have learned not only how to devote most of this time to studying, but also to be efficient in my schoolwork so that there is time to get involved in my clubs, relax, and socialize with friends. "

Advice to Students

"If you’re thinking of coming to Miami, I would definitely visit first and see the campus. That is when I fell in love with Miami. Being able to see the layout of campus and see students going to class is a great way to feel the real atmosphere.

"For students who are interested in my major, Geography and Sustainable Development, I would say you should start knocking out classes early. There are a lot of classes you have to take! But they are all so interesting, and it's definitely manageable."

[December 2021]