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Media, Journalism and Film

Sophia Taylor '26

Sophia Taylor '26
Media, Journalism and Film

Sophia Taylor '26

  • Hometown: Loveland, OH
  • Class: 2026
  • Majors: Media and Communication, Film Studies (co-major)
  • Other Activities and Organizations: 
    • UP Magazine
    • PIXEL Magazine
    • co-ed recreational volleyball
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...Miami University has not only provided me with academic knowledge but also instilled a belief that anything is achievable with determination.
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Gloria Gulenga, Advice to Prospective Students

Why Miami?

I loved the campus and the student involvement. I could see myself making lots of new friends and connections with both the students and the professors. I thought it was a great place to focus on my studies and form professional relationships as well.

How did you choose your major?

I came in last year (freshman) as a STC major, but uncovered my love for media and film editing along the way. I have always loved the aesthetic end of media and have always wanted to be on a production and editing team for movies, tv shows, etc. This really solidified when I took MJF 146 (intro to film) Spring 2023 semester and I have loved it ever since and I can see myself continuing throughout college.

Key Moment at Miami

As I previously mentioned, my class MJF 146 helped me find what I really wanted to do. Professor Alexandra Marsh encouraged my skills as both a leader and film editor in this class and guided me to finding my passion as a MAC and Film co-major.

Other Memorable Miami Moment

I didn’t end up joining clubs last year (my freshman year) because I wasn’t sure how, but this year I can see the UP and PIXEL Magazine organizations being a huge positive influence on my Miami experience. It has been so far.

Advice to Prospective Students

That I love it! I love the campus and all of the public spaces. Especially Armstrong because of all of the study spaces and because I always spend a big chunk of my day in there either studying, catching up with friends, or just grabbing a meal. I also love the film building (Williams) but that might just be a film major thing haha.

What are your career goals?