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Emma Canode '25

Emma Canode

Emma Canode '25

  • Hometown: Fairlawn, Ohio
  • Class: 2025
  • Majors: Psychology
  • Minor: Coaching
  • Other Activities:
    • MARSH Labs
    • Bridges program
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...Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in meeting new people and building connections.
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Emma Canode, Advice to Perspective Students

Why Miami?

The layout and design of the campus are beautiful and include green space unlike many other campuses I saw. My older brother also graduated from Miami and had such a great experience. Financially it was also a good option and gave me a good offer on the RedHawk scholarship

How did you choose your major?

I chose psychology before coming to Miami, however, it is such a broad field I still had to decide which area of psychology to focus on. I think Miami provides a wide range of resources and staff who are always so kind in supporting their students to navigate their options. I ended up joining a Zoom call that had two speakers discussing their careers in psychology and this led me to decide to pursue sports psychology.

Key Moment at Miami

Dr. Allison Farrell is the professor of the lab I am an RA and this opportunity has provided me with so much experience in the realm of research in psychology. I get the privilege of working with other students, graduate students, and Dr. Farrell herself which is always a pleasure to make more connections and friendships

Other Notable Experience

I work at the Starbucks in Withrow on campus and it has created so many friendships throughout my few years studying at Miami. Freshman year I was also involved with CRU which allowed me to build foundational friendships. Although I am not very active in CRU anymore I still highly recommend it for incoming students.

Also, in Fall 2023 I took the Women Gender Studies course with Dr. Jennifer Cohen and it has been such an interesting, informative, and fun class. Dr. Cohen does a phenomenal job of creating an open and accepting environment for her students.

Advice to Prospective Students

I would say how exciting it is and that although it may be intimidating with the campus being generally big and so many new people, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in meeting new people and building connections.

What are your career goals?  

I am shooting for a PhD (not sure what specifically it will be in) with a goal of becoming a sports and exercise psychologist and working with professional athletes