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Excellence and Expertise

Joseph Carlin, 2024 Mallory-Wilson Center Faculty/Staff Recognition Award

Excellence and Expertise

Joseph Carlin, 2024 Mallory-Wilson Center Faculty/Staff Recognition Award

  • Professor in the Department of Microbiology
  • Director of the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education
  • Co-developer of the Premedical and Pre-health Studies co-major
  • Teaches Medical Bacteriology and Microorganisms and Human Diseases to pre-health students
  • Researches the immune system’s ability to control infections with Chlamydia
"Dr. Carlin's patience as a professor and advisor is unparalleled. He'll talk through the same issue over and over again in different ways to make sure that my classes and research are going smoothly.”


This year we are proud to announce that the MWC Faculty/Staff Recognition Award goes to Dr. Joe Carlin. Dr. Carlin has been at Miami University as a faculty member in the microbiology department for over 30 years, and has been the director of the Mallory-Wilson Center for six. Throughout his time with the university he has taken on multiple leadership roles and been involved with several committees, all with the intention of improving the educational experiences of our students, and the work environment for faculty and staff. He has not only been a well-known faculty member at Miami, he has been a supportive member of the pre-health community since the start of the Mallory-Wilson Center. During his time with the Center, he has mentored and inspired students through his coursework and research lab, engaged with alumni to provide substantial professional and financial resources for our students, and expanded the MWC from a small office focused on premedical studies into an expansive center for all of the pre-health community.

Dr. Carlin fully supports the mission of the MWC, and has invested a high level of energy, time outside of business hours, sandwiches, and broken bones to "enhance and enrich premedical and pre-health education at Miami University," while also continuing to be a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and son to his family; professor to his students; and boss and colleague to our office. It is Dr. Carlin's recognition of the importance of pre-health advising and resources that has brought life to our office and opened up opportunities not only for our students to grow as professionals, but for us to expand as a center to keep up with the high numbers of students we work with, and to continue standing out as an innovative part of campus.

Nominations by our premedical and pre-health students described Dr. Carlin’s great impact on students in Miami’s pre-health community. Here are excerpts from his nomination: 

"I had this professor for the PMD 320 course; he made every class fun and interesting, and he always encouraged genuine interest in topics and participation. He made PMD 320 into a class that didn't seem like a class, but rather a fun time during the day to explore a variety of healthcare professions. I can honestly say this was one of my favorite courses at Miami and this professor was a big reason for this."

"I know that I can always come to him when I need something and that he will find a solution. He never just tells me to go talk to another office or advisor, he takes care of what I need. Talking through my pre-med coursework and activities with him always made me feel better even when it felt like there were so many things to be worried about. He has made getting ready to apply to medical school so much easier than it should have been."

Finally, we'd like to add that we couldn't have asked for a better director for the Center. As a boss, Dr. Carlin supports us in trying out any ideas we have, and as a colleague, he is there for us to talk about professional and personal issues. The MWC wouldn't be what it has become without Dr. Carlin, and so we can't think of a more deserving candidate for this year's award.

[May 2024]