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Student Success Excellence and Expertise

Robert Kimble, 2020 Ken and Joan Frankel Outstanding Premedical Student of the Year Award

Student Success Excellence and Expertise

Robert Kimble, 2020 Ken and Joan Frankel Outstanding Premedical Student of the Year Award

Robert Kimble

  • senior Biochemistry major, with a Premedical Studies co-major and a Spanish minor
  • Undergraduate researcher and listed author on 3 peer-reviewed publications
  • participant in multiple international medical experiences
  • accepted to the Ohio State College of Medicine
"You will hear a lot of advice, some good and some bad, about what is the 'proper' or 'best' path towards acceptance to medical school. Ultimately though, like with most goals in life worth accomplishing, it is not the path you take to reach them, but the effort you put in along the way that matters most."


The 2019-20 recipient of the Ken and Joan Frankel Outstanding Premedical Student Award was Robert Kimble.  Robert was an honors student with a major in Biochemistry, a co-major in Premedical Studies, and a minor in Spanish. He maintained an outstanding GPA and exceptional MCAT score. 

The Frankel Outstanding Premedical Student of the Year Award recognizes the top premedical student in each graduating class, and the awardee is selected by the Director and Assistant Director of the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education.

As exceptional as his academic record was, his extracurricular involvement was equally so.  His activities show that he was actively engaged in the medical community as a volunteer at McCullough-Hyde Hospital and as a frequent participant in medical shadowing.  Notable is the extensive international experience he acquired, including his participation in a Miami study abroad programs. In Nazca, Peru, he furthered his study of Spanish while serving as a community volunteer; in Granada, Nicaragua, he participated in a Medical Brigade mission; and in Bangalore, India, he participated in an observership at St. John’s Medical College.  At home, he was a summer intern in the Wright State Clinical Trials Research Alliance, and a Health Coach program intern in the Five Rivers Health Centers.

Robert was a well-rounded leader at Miami. For example, he became involved in conducting research on antibiotic resistance in the Dr. Michael Crowder lab (receiving grants within the Hughes Summer Internship program and a listed author on 3 peer-review publications), and was an active member of the Phi Delta Epsilon premedical fraternity. The Mallory-Wilson Center is grateful for his active and frequent participation in student panels, where he shared his experiences at Miami with younger premedical and pre-health students.

Robert’s record both in and out of the classroom earned him multiple medical school acceptances, and we are excited to see him start medical school this fall at the Ohio State University College of Medicine.  The Mallory-Wilson Center is proud to recognize Robert Kimble as not only a deserving recipient of this award, but also as an outstanding member of Miami’s pre-health community. Congratulations Robbie!

[August 2020]