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Excellence and Expertise

Rose Marie Ward, 2021 Mallory-Wilson Center Faculty/Staff Recognition Award

Excellence and Expertise

Rose Marie Ward, 2021 Mallory-Wilson Center Faculty/Staff Recognition Award

  • Professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
  • Associate Dean of the Graduate School
  • teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in public health, health psychology, and research methods
  • research interests are in the area of college student health, with a focus on both addictive/harmful behaviors (alcohol use, disordered eating, unsafe and unwanted sexual behavior) and prosocial activities (women’s leadership, life satisfaction, scholastic achievement, exercise, and athleticism)
  • supports and engages students in the research process and brings students to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research
"She has provided numerous opportunities for me (and others) that have greatly influenced my medical school applications and acceptances. Overall, she genuinely cares about every student's success and goes the extra mile to make sure we achieve our goals.”


The 2020-2021 awardee of the Mallory-Wilson Center Faculty/Staff Recognition Award is Dr. Rose Marie Ward, a Professor at Miami University. This award was established by the Mallory-Wilson Center Board of Directors in 2014 to honor one Miami University faculty or staff person each year who demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to undergraduate pre-medical training. The Mallory-Wilson Center Student Advisory Board solicits nominations for the award from graduating seniors and then select the awardee from nominations received.

Dr. Ward’s nomination from students described her great impact on students in Miami’s pre-health community. Here are a few excerpts:

“Throughout the pandemic, she has been mindful of student experiences and accommodating of students' lives outside of the academic realm. When our research conference was cancelled in spring of 2020, she created a conference for us to present for our family and peers.”

“She is always willing to write us rec letters on short notice for pre-health-related activities, including medical school applications, and she nominates us for awards to strengthen our applications.”

“She provides a safe environment where students feel comfortable learning and growing as researchers and future healthcare professionals.”

Their nominations clearly demonstrated to the Mallory Wilson Center Student Advisory Board that Dr. Ward is a wonderful asset to Miami’s pre-health students and a very deserving recipient of this year’s Faculty/Staff Recognition Award.

Congratulations to Dr. Ward on earning this student honor, and the Mallory-Wilson Center thanks you for working to enhance the pre-health experience at Miami!

[May 2021]