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Eric Bachman, Computer Science & ETBD Affiliate

Eric Bachmann's research interests include human factors and training in virtual environments (VE), enabling immersed VE users to explore virtual worlds of unlimited size, and locomotion interfaces for virtual environments.

Ph.D.—Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School
M.S.—Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School
B.A.—Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Cincinnati

Associate Professor—Computer Science and Systems Analysis, Miami University, 2001–Present
Lecturer of Computer Science/Research Professor—Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, 1997–Present
United States Navy—Unrestricted Aviator, Lieutenant Commander, USNR, 1985–1997
RCA Missile Test Project—Patrick AFB, FL, Programmer/Analyst, 1984–1985

Phill Alexander, ETBD Instructor

Phill Alexander is a general consumer of all things digital and popular, a cultural critic and gamer, a gadget tinkering, bandwidth hogging scholar for the new digital paradigm.

Currently a professor in Miami University’s English department, Phill teaches courses in composition, professional writing, web authoring, multi-modal digital writing, and related subjects. Phill has an AA in Political Science, a BA in English, and both MA and PhD in Composition and Rhetoric. His areas of specialty are digital and cultural rhetorics, professional writing, visual rhetorics, gaming studies, social networking, distance education/online and hybrid teaching, and multi-modal composing. His work has appeared in the journals Computers & Composition and Kairos as well as in books like World of Warcraft and Philosophy.

Phill Alexander: Office Hours

Michael Bailey-Van Kuren, Engineering & ETBD Faculty

Michael Bailey-Van Kuren received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a PhD. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He is currently an Associate Professor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Miami University where he is also an affiliate faculty member of Miami’s ETBD Program and directs the Rapid Prototyping and Fabrication Lab. Michael utilizes his background in robotics and controls to design new mechatronic interfaces and devices for pediatric assistive technology. Current projects seek to design an immersive environment that will engage and motivate developmentally delayed children to perform routine therapy.

Contact Information:
Office: Laws 210A
Tel: 513-529-0725
Email: baileym@MiamiOH.edu

Per Bloland, ETBD Affiliate

Per Bloland is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music whose works have been described as having an “incandescent effect” with “dangerous and luscious textures.” His compositions range from short intimate solo pieces to works for large orchestra, and incorporate video, dance, and custom built electronics. He has received awards and recognition from organizations such as SEAMUS/ASCAP, Digital Art Awards of Tokyo, ISCM, and SCI/ASCAP. His research focuses on the interaction between literature and instrumental music, examining strategies employed by composers in reaction to literary influences. Bloland is also the co-creator of the Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano, about which he has given numerous lecture/demonstrations and published a paper. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Technology and Music Theory at Miami University, Ohio, and was in residence at IRCAM in Paris for the spring semester of 2013 for a Musical Research Residency.

For more information, please see www.perbloland.com.

Matthew Board, Art/Interactive Media Studies

Matthew Board is a technical artist, digital sculptor and Independent game developer. His digital sculptures have been exhibited at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games and Animation and the Pixologic (makers of ZBrush) turntable gallery. Recently, Matthew completed the educational game, Mysteries of the Core, which was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. He has done contract work and consulting for various clients including Great Eastern Technology, Vermont Digital Arts, Owlchemy Labs, Anzovin Studio, and Hasbro. His current research explores meaningful environmental narratives using game development as the vehicle for expression. Before arriving at Miami University, Matthew taught at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming, Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts and Columbia College Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. He has an MFA in electronic art from the University of Cincinnati and a BFA in studio art from Northern Kentucky University.

Contact Information:

Office: Hiestand Hall, 222/King 027
Email: boardmj@MiamiOH.edu

Matthew Board: Office Hours

William (Bo) Brinkman, Computer Science & ETBD Affiliate

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Princeton University, 2004 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Washington, 1995-1999

Academic Experience
1999-2004: Graduate Student, Princeton University
1997-1999: Teaching Assistant, University of Washington

Professional Experience
1998: Instructional Aide, University of Washington
1996-1999: Application Developer, Cerner Corporation

Professional Organizations
Phi Beta Kappa

Publications and Papers
Bo Brinkman and Moses Charikar, ” On the Impossibility of Dimension Reduction in L1,” in The Proceedings of the 44th Annual IEEE Symposium on the Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), pp. 514-523, 2003, Invited to the Journal of the ACM.

Sanjeev Arora and Bo Brinkman, “A Randomized ONline Algorithm for Bandwidth Utilization,” in The Proceedings of the 13th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) pp. 535-539, 2002. Also to appear in the Journal of Scheduling.

Major Interest Areas
Analysis of algorithms, massive data sets, randomized algorithms, and approximation algorithms

Contact Information:
Office: Benton Hall, 205
Tel: 513-529-0354
Email: brinkmw@MiamiOH.edu

Vanessa Cannon, ETBD faculty

Office: Laws Hall, 203D
Email: cannonva@MiamiOH.edu

Vanessa Cannon: Office Hours

James Coyle, Marketing & ETBD Faculty

James Coyle received his M.A. (1995) and Ph.D. (1997) in Journalism (Advertising Studies) from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He currently holds a joint appointment in the Marketing Department and the Interactive Media Studies Program. From 1997 through the Spring semester of 2006, James taught at Baruch College, City University of New York.

His academic work has been published in several journals, including the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Interactive Advertising, the Journal of Advertising Research, the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Website Promotion, and the Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising. He has written a book chapter that appears in the Advertising and the World Wide Web, 2nd edition (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates), and a book titled Internet Resources and Services for International Marketing and Advertising: A Global Guide (Oryx Press, 2002). He was also the recipient of a $240,000 grant from the NASD Education Foundation in 2005. He used the grant money to develop an online guide, DollarsFromSense, to help prepare college-age youth to make wise financial investment decisions.

James’ research interests include how consumers process and share interactive and rich media content in commercial web sites, and the influence of consumer expectations on web site navigation experiences. He currently teaches E-Commerce and the Internet, and the Interactive Media Studies Practicum.

Contact Information:
Office: Farmer School of Business, 2045B
Tel: 513-529-0483
Email: coylejr@MiamiOH.edu

James Coyle: Office Hours

Bob De Schutter, College of Education, Health & Society & ETBD Faculty

Bob De Schutter (MA, PhD) is a C. Michael Armstrong Professor at the College of Education, Health & Society and the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies of Miami University (Oxford, OH). His interdisciplinary research and teaching interests include game design, the older audience of digital games, and the use of digital games for non-entertainment purposes. He has been invited to teach in Europe, North America and Asia, and his work has been published in leading publications of several academic fields. Bob has served industry as an independent consultant, web developer and entrepreneur, and has founded and chaired the Flemish chapter of the Digital Game Research Association. Prior to joining Miami University, Bob was a researcher and lead designer for the e-Media Lab of the KU Leuven (campus Group T), where he worked on games to facilitate inter-generational knowledge transfer, rehabilitate psycho-motor skills, train entrepreneurial skills, sensitize university students on urban mobility for the disabled, teach the psychology of game design, etc.

For more information about him, please visit his personal website at www.bobdeschutter.be.

Contact Information:
Office: McGuffey Hall, 214A
Phone: (513) 529-2173
Email: bobdeschutter@MiamiOH.edu

Bob De Schutter: Office Hours

Todd Edwards, Teacher Education & ETBD Affiliate

Michael Todd Edwards is an associate professor in the Department of Teacher Education.  His primary professional duties involve the preparation and support of K-12 preservice and inservice mathematics teachers. His research interests focus on instructional uses of technology, with particular interest in the use of dynamic geometry software and computer algebra systems in the teaching and learning of school mathematics.  Since 2001, Todd has authored over 30 peer-reviewed publications related to this work.  Todd has been a co-editor of the Ohio Journal of School Mathematics since 2008, is a co-founder of the GeoGebra Institute of Ohio (GIOhio, the first GeoGebra Institute in North America), and editor of the Midwest GeoGebra Journal.

Katie Gibson, Libraries & ETBD Instructor

Information Services Librarian (Assistant Librarian) B.Phil., Miami University (2005); M.L.S., Indiana University (2006).
Interests: Podcasting, Web Publishing

Selected Professional Activities:
2009 Conference Planning Committee, Academic Library Association of Ohio.

Contact Information:
Office: King Library, 203
Tel: 513-529-0190
Email: gibsonke@MiamiOH.edu

Eric Hodgson, Smale Center Director, ETBD Instructor, & Chief IMS Advisor (CDA)

Eric Hodgson’s primary research relates to human spatial ability, including spatial memory, perception, reference frames, landmark use, and navigation. Because this work often includes the construction and use of virtual environments for people to navigate within, he also conducts applied research related to immersive virtual reality and motion tracking. Most recently, this work has involved developing Redirected Walking techniques to expand the navigable area available for simulations.

Teaching Interests
Spatial cognition, navigation, wayfinding, general cognition, memory, perception, statistics, research methods, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, computer programming, 3D modeling, motion capture, interactive graphics, non-photorealistic rendering

Contact Information:
Office: Laws Hall, 305D
Tel: 513-529-2401
Email: eric.hodgson@MiamiOH.edu

Eric Hodgson: Office Hours

John Humphries, Architecture & ETBD Affiliate

Mr. Humphries is a visual artist and designer focusing on translating one media form to another. The creative work takes the form of watercolor drawings, carved wooden slabs, automatic poems, and multi-layered sounds. The subject of these studies are the desert southwest, a personal narrative coded in a tragic greek myth, and indigenous plant life. Currently directing graphic media at Miami University within the School of Fine Arts and living nearly off of the “food-grid” in urban Cincinnati, John has worked as a designer of architecture and other environments; including entertainment design in the US and Asia and recently awarded the Texas Society of Architect Studio Honor Award for watercolour drawings extending the relationship of drawing, representation, and building. Dissemination of creative works has been through several exhibitions, panel member as design reviewer, and presentations at national conferences. Among these were an exhibition and presentation at Hochschule in Rosenheim Germany, many presentations of work at the National Conference on the Beginning Design student, and a forthcoming presentation and exhibition at the Interior Design Educators Council for work allied with The National Creative Research Award for images related to the artists personal narrative titled: “of mud, Earth, or Nothing”.

M. Arch University of Texas, Arlington
B.S. University of Texas, Arlington

Contact Information:
Office: Alumni Hall, 101
Tel: 513-560-6021
Email: humphrjm@MiamiOH.edu

Artie Kuhn, ETBD Faculty & Assistant Director

For over ten years, Artie worked in the interactive industry as a designer, developer, project manager, user researcher and product manager. His work included digital solutions for a diverse set of firms including toy maker Hasbro, Inc., Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s innovative Bioinformatics Research Center, Graeter’s Ice Cream, Aplia Learning and Thomson Publishing/Cengage Learning. Through leading inter-disciplinary teams in the creation of digital products and platforms, Artie saw the positive transformative effect interactive media can have across all disciplines.

This experience fuels a passion for engaging with diverse students in exploring and coming to grips with the ramifications of interactive media in their field of pursuit. His current research, design, development and consulting work also explores this transformative effect. He teaches courses in interaction design, data visualization and digital product development.

Artie earned his Bachelors in Science in digital design from the University of Cincinnati and his MFA in interaction design and game development from the Savannah College of Art and Design. His work has been presented at the TED 2011 conference, earned awards from ID Magazine and Macromedia and was published in the book Type in Motion 2. Before joining ETBD, Artie taught part time in DAAP at the University of Cincinnati for eight years. At home, Artie partners with his wife Lisa (also a designer) in raising their three rambunctious, but wonderful, young kids.

Contact Information

Office: Laws Hall, 305E
Tel: 513-529-2177
Email: artie.kuhn@MiamiOH.edu

Artie Kuhn: Office Hours

Gabe Lee, Business Chair for ETBD

Gabe Lee is a C. Michael Armstrong Business Chair for ETBD and the Farmer School of Business and an associate professor in the department of information systems and analytics. His teaching and research interests include website design, web usability, and innovative technology acceptance.

His work has appeared in premier journals in the information systems field including MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, European Journal of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications, Information & Management, Communications of the AIS, Data Base and among others. He received the Association for Information Systems’ Best Paper Award in 2008.

He has served as a Co-Chair of Interface Design, Evaluation, and Impact Track at the Americas Conference on Information Systems from 2007 and worked as special issue co-editors of the DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems and International Journal of Human-Computer Systems. He was also selected as a winner of the University Teaching Award in 2011.

Gabe received over ten grants and fellowships from academia and industry including the Institute for International Business Research Grant, the General Research Fund, Webroot Industry Research Grant, and Big XII Faculty Fellowship among others.

For more information about him, please visit Dr. Lee's website.

Contact Information:
Office: Farmer School of Business, 2045A
Tel: 513-529-2164
Email: gabelee@MiamiOH.edu

Gabe Lee: Office Hours

Heidi McKee, English & ETBD Affiliate

Heidi McKee is a Professor of Professional Writing in the English Department at Miami University and an affiliate faculty member with the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies. Her teaching and research interests include professional communication, digital rhetorics, and research methods. Her current research focuses on artificial intelligence and professional communication.

She has co-authored and co-edited a number of books, including: Digital Writing Research: Technologies, Methodologies, and Ethical Issues (2007, winner of the Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award); Technological Ecologies and Sustainability (2009); and Digital Writing Assessment and Evaluation.

Her latest book, co-authored with ETBD faculty James Porter, is Professional Communication and Network Interaction (Routledge, 2017).

Contact Information:
Office: Bachelor Hall, 364
Tel: 513-529-2635
Email: mckeeha@MiamiOH.edu

John Millard, Libraries & ETBD Instructor

Head of Digital Initiatives and Associate Librarian
B.B., Western Illinois University (1991);M.S., Western Illinois University (1993); MSLIS; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1995)
Section Taught: IMS201 M 6-8:30
Interests: Digital Libraries, Open Content, Geospatial Information, Web Development

As the Head of Digital Initiatives for the Miami University Libraries, John Millard provides leadership to a team of librarians and staff with expertise in web application programming, digital libraries, database design, interface development, metadata, digital imaging, and rights management to develop freely available digital collections based on the Libraries’ unique resources.

Selected Professional Activities:
Millard, J. and Gibson K. (2010) “Teaching in the Cloud: Replacing Monolithic Course Management with Web 2.0″ Innovate! (Ohio State University, May 23, 2010).

Millard, J. (2008) “Digital Imaging Best Practices in the Humanities.” Workshop presentation at the NINES (Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship) Summer Institute. Oxford, OH

Wright, D. and Millard J. (2004) “The Matthew Prior Project: An Electronic Database of his Correspondence.” Paper presented at the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Annual Conference, Boston, MA

Millard, J. and Sessions, J. (2004) “Collaborating directly with Research Faculty to build a Digital Library for Satellite Remote Sensing: The Ohioview Model.” Paper presented at the American Library Association Annual Meeting, Science and Technology Section Research Forum, June 2004.

Selected Grants:
Millard, J.; Tzoc, E. and Jody Perkins (2010) “Enhancing Access to Newspaper Collections in DSpace.” State Library of Ohio LSTA ($10,000)

Millard, J. (2004) “VisualOhio: Implementing a Visual interface to online remote sensing data inventories.” NASA Glenn Research Center through Ohio Aerospace Institute ($15,000)

Millard, J.; Munru-Stasiuk, M. et al (2003) “OhioView Virtual University Program in Remote Sensing.” Ohio Board of Regents. ($30,000)

Millard, J. (2000) “Building and Enhancing an OhioView Geospatial Digital Library for K-12, Higher Education and the General Public.” NASA Glenn Research Center ($105,000)

Contact Information:
Office: King Library, 303B
Tel: 513-529-6789
Email: millarj@MiamiOH.edu
Web: http://www.edfu.org/

Shelli Minton, University Communications and Marketing & ETBD Instructor

Contact Information:
Office: Nellie Craig Walker Hall, Room 22
Tel: 513-529-2782
Email: mintondm@MiamiOH.edu

Bruce Murray, Music / IMS

Pianist Bruce Murray has presented more than a thousand concerts as recitalist, chamber musician, and soloist with orchestra. Although he performs a broad swath of the standard repertoire, he is known particularly for his performances of Bach, Beethoven and Liszt, and for his commitment to new music. He has given dozens of premieres, including works by Robert Beaser and Robert Aldridge. He has played Bach's Goldberg Variations on three continents and lately has been performing The Well-Tempered Clavier in concert.

Murray's repertoire of concertos includes forty works, and he has performed with conductors Keith Lockhart, Matthias Bamert, Shinik Hahm, David Effron, Louis Lane, Anshel Brusilow, and Paul Polivnick. He has played chamber music and recitals with many important musicians of our time, including William Preucil, Elmar Oliveira, Roberto Diaz, Ransom Wilson, Carol Wincene, Jeffrey Nelsen, Andres Cardenes, Andres Diaz, Raphael Hillyer, Frederica von Stade, Phyllis Curtin, Eliot Fisk, the Audubon Quartet, and Miles Hoffman. During a twenty-year tenure with the renowned Cadek Trio, Murray performed virtually the entire repertoire of music for piano, violin, and cello.

Murray served on the faculty of the University of Alabama for two decades, including five years as Director of the School of Music. From 2003 until 2013 he was Dean and Artistic Administrator of the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina. Murray joined the faculty of Miami University in fall 2012 as Professor and Chair of the Department of Music.

Contact Information:
Office: Laws 209B
Email: murraybj@MiamiOH.edu

Bruce Murray: Office Hours

Jason Palmeri, English & ETBD Affiliate

Jason Palmeri (PhD Ohio State, 2007) is an Assistant Professor in English and an affiliate faculty member with the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies. His research and teaching interests include digital rhetoric, new media activism, convergence culture, video/multimedia composing, and writing pedagogy. He is the current coordinator of the digital writing collaborative in the English Department. He regularly teaches IMS 224 “Digital Writing and Rhetoric” and IMS 171 “Humanities and Technology.”

Contact Information:
Office: Bachelor Hall, 356
Tel: 513-529-7110
Email: palmerjr@MiamiOH.edu
AIM: jasonplameri367

Murali Paranandi, Architecture + Interior Design & ETBD Affiliate

Contact Information:
Office: 106-A, Alumni Hall
Tel: 513-529-7086
Email: murali.paranandi@MiamiOH.edu

Murali Paranandi: Office Hours

Glenn Platt, Marketing & ETBD Director

Glenn Platt received his Bachelor of Arts (with departmental honors) from University of Florida and his MS and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, graduating in 1993.

He is currently the C. Michael Armstrong Chair, Professor of Marketing and has been Director of the Interactive Media Studies Program (and ETBD) since 2000. Glenn is President Emeritus of the International Digital Media and Arts Association. Glenn, along with his colleague Prof. Lage, coined the phrase “inverted classroom” with a 2000 seminal work outlining the benefits of using technology to move active learning into the classroom and lecture outside of class. He has won the School of Business Teaching Effectiveness Award, the Associated Student Government Effective Educator Award, and the University’s Knox Award for Teaching.

Besides directing ETBD, Glenn teaches the Social Media Marketing, Internet/Digital Marketing, and the IMS/AI capstone consulting course. He consults in areas of Social Media, Internet Marketing and eCommerce.

Contact Information:
Office: Laws Hall, 209F
Tel: 513-529-2808
Mobile: 513-593-2019
Email: glenn@pla.tt

Glenn Platt: Office Hours

James Porter, English & ETBD Faculty

Jim Porter is a Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Communication with a joint appointment in IMS and English. His specializations include rhetoric theory and history, digital media ethics, technical and business communication, intellectual property, and online writing instruction. He teaches online courses in interactive business communication, data visualization, digital media ethics, and humanities and technology. Porter has published five scholarly books, including The Ethics of Internet Research in 2009 and Professional Communication and Network Interaction in 2017, both co-authored with Heidi McKee. Recent publications include an article on “Professional Communication as Phatic” (Business & Professional Communication Quarterly, 2017) and two chapters—one on copyright and one on digital media ethics (with Heidi McKee)—for the Routledge Handbook of Digital Writing and Rhetoric (2018). He is currently researching the question of how AI systems will impact professional writing and writing instruction.

Contact Information:
Office: Bachelor Hall, 279
email: porterje@MiamiOH.edu
twitter: http://twitter.com/reachjim

James Porter: Office Hours

Andy Revelle, Libraries & ETBD Instructor

Social Sciences Librarian (Assistant Librarian)
B.A., SUNY-Albany (1996); M.A., Indiana University (2000); M.L.S., Indiana University (2004).
Office: King Library 206
Interests: Statistical Data, Usability Testing, Web Design, Web 2.0

Selected Professional Activities:
Revelle, Andy. “Towards a Tagged Future: Folksonomies in the Academic Library” [poster session]. Academic Library Association of Ohio Annual Conference (Wilmington, OH; Oct. 24, 2008).

Resnis, Eric; Revelle, Andy. Faculty/Librarian Partnerships for Enhancing Student Learning.” AAC&U Sharing Responsibility for Essential Learning Outcomes (Savannah, GA; November 2, 2007).

Contact Information:
Office: King Library, 206
Tel: 513-529-6231
Email: revellaa@MiamiOH.edu

John Weigand, Architecture & ETBD Affiliate

John Weigand is Professor and Chair in the Department of Architecture and Interior Design at Miami University (Ohio). He earned architectural degrees at Miami and at the University of Illinois and worked professionally in Chicago from 1980 to 1991, prior to teaching. At Miami, Weigand developed the BFA in Interior Design (1995) and directed the BFA program until 2006. He remains active in national interior architecture initiatives. He is a current member of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) Board of Directors, has served on the IIDA Strategic Planning Committee, co-chaired the 2003 Body of Knowledge Conference in Washington DC, and has participated in numerous national programs addressing collaborative design education and practice.

Weigand chaired the 2006 Interior Design Educator Council (IDEC) white paper committee on Graduate Education (Journal of Interior Design, 2007). He is author of The Nature of Design, an interdisciplinary text on design fundamentals, which received the AIGA Award of Merit in 2004, and is a contributor to Schools that Learn (Senge, 2000). In 2001, he was awarded the NCARB Prize for creative integration of practice and education in the academy, for his work with collaborative, internet-based design. Weigand is also the 1999 winner of Miami’s Crossan Hayes Curry “Effective Educator Award.”

Rob Withers, Libraries & ETBD Instructor

Assistant to the Dean and University Librarian (Associate Librarian)
B.A., College of Wooster (1989); M.A., University of North Carolina (1995); M.L.S., North Carolina Central University (1995).
Section Taught: TTh 12:30 – 1:45
Interests: Graphics Editing, Invisible Web, Web Development

Selected Professional Activities:
Casson, Robert D.; Shrimplin, Aaron K., Withers, Rob. “Understanding Usage Patterns of Library Web Sites with Google Analytics.” Academic Library Association of Ohio Annual Conference (Columbus, OH; October 26, 2007).

Casson, Robert D.; Shrimplin, Aaron K.; Withers, Rob “Open Source Software fo r Libraries: Creating Subject and Course Specific Resources in the Libraries’ Web Site and the University’s Portal.” Computers in Libraries (Washington , D.C.; March 24, 2006).

Casson, Robert D.; Shrimplin, Aaron K.; Withers, Robert E. “Narrowcasting to Faculty and Students: Creating an Efficient ‘Research by Subject’ Page” E-JASL: The Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship 6, no. 3 (Winter 2005)

Santucci, Lisa; Withers, Rob. “Information Literacy is Not Enough: Why Librarians Need to Think Outside the Box.” (Ann Arbor, MI: Pierian Press, 2005) 39-44.

Santucci, Lisa E.; Withers, Robert E. “e-Learn.” Ohio Board of Regents Grant ($38,000; 2003).

Research support for “Be Miami: An Infrastructure for Cultivating a Responsible and Intellectual College Life.” ($72,000; 2007).

Contact Information:
Office: King Library, 111
Tel: 513-529-9556
Email: witherre@MiamiOH.edu
AIM: witherre
Yahoo: witherre