THE200 Practicum FAQ

Theatre 200 (THE 200) is a one-credit production and performance practicum in which you select an area of theatre in which you want to participate. Areas of participation may include acting, costume or scenery construction, production running crews (light board operator, followspot operator, wardrobe crew, fly crew, etc), electrics crew, scene painting, dramaturgy, etc. Other activities may be considered for 200 credit, so long as they are associated with the Department of Theatre's Mainstage or Second Stage production under the tutelage of a faculty member.

All majors must complete SIX practicum experiences in THE 200 or 400 to graduate, and minors must complete TWO.

What's the difference between THE 200 and THE 400?

If you have senior standing, positions like stage management, design, and directing can earn THE 400 credit. It's the same as a 200, but you earn TWO credits instead of ONE.

The registration process is slightly different. In addition to a standard '200 Form' you fill out at the 200 Fair, you also need to fill out an independent study registration form.

Can non-majors take THE 200?

YES! You DO NOT need to be a major to participate, and there are no prerequisites.

If I am a major, can all my 200's be in one area?

NO, they cannot. No more than three 200's in any one area may count towards the 200 requirement. That means if you get cast six times, you can get six 200 credits in Performance (200A), but only THREE will count towards the production practicum requirement of your theatre degree. You will need to do two more 200's in other areas.

How to register?

The easiest way to sign up is to attend the 200 Fair held at the beginning of each semester. The second easiest way is to contact the department Production Manager and let them know you are interested in a particular area of production. If you are cast in a production, you can automatically be enrolled in a Theatre 200 (provided you attend the 200 Fair).

What is the "200 FAIR"?

Early in each semester, we hold a "200 Fair." This is a block of time where majors, minors, and interested students can find out what production positions are available, talk to the faculty and staff mentors to find out more about positions, and sign up for the THE200.

No one needs to come for the WHOLE fair. It only takes about ten minutes to register.

Students who attend the 200 Fair are group enrolled in THE200. Those who do NOT attend the 200 Fair will have to go through a long and arduous Force Add procedure to have their 200 show up on their schedules and their DARS.

As a bonus, Alpha Psi Omega often provides FREE PIZZA and beverages for those who come to the fair!

What if I miss the 200 Fair or realize afterwards I need a 200?

There may not be tons of 200's left for you to choose from, but of you miss the 200 Faircontact the department Production Manager to see what 200's might still be available.

What are my THE 200 responsibilities?

Before you sign up for a THE 200 your responsibilities will be outlined. If you are on a run crew for a show, you will be expected to be at all the technical rehearsals and performances for that show. These dates will be available for you when you sign up. You should always show up on time and ready to do the work you have been asked to do.