Start the Trend Challenge

National Engineering Forum

Start The Trend Challenge, The change begins with you!

NEF Gen came to Miami University for a 2015 Engineers Week event. NEF Generation (a branch of National Engineering Forum specifically targeting the next generation of engineers) partnered with the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute students at Miami University to host an innovation challenge.

Start the Trend: The Change Begins With You was a brand new one-day event that took place on February 21, 2015 and was designed to get student teams involved in developing ideas that will effect real change in the engineering culture. Teams of 3-5 focused on women and diversity in engineering or engagement and retention of college-aged students in engineering. All majors were invited to participate.

Engineers Week is a success every year and this challenge fostered more innovation and creativity than ever before!

 Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute students created a video about why they are doing the START THE TREND innovation challenge.

Male student wearing a hat looking at a start the trend challenge welcome packet
Start the Trend Challenge team huddle in Idea Kitchen

Students looking at computers in a classroom
Female student looking at post-it notes on the wall

Students giving a presentation in front of a whiteboard full of sticky notes
Team of students taking a picture in front of a whiteboard