Mission and Goals

CPB student wearing safety glasses and gloves working in fume hood

Program Mission  

Our mission is to teach and prepare liberally educated, articulate, and skilled engineers for leadership and professional careers and for advanced study. The industries we serve include the chemical, pulp and paper, bioengineering, and environmental engineering industries. A central objective of our program is to advance the fields of chemical and bioengineering through innovations in teaching and research, thus enhancing student knowledge through interactive instruction, global engagement, and experiential learning. The program will serve as a resource to inform society about innovations related to the production and uses of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuels, forest products, biomedical products, and bio-materials.


Graduates of the Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering Department will be recognized as leading candidates for employment in industry or for advanced study in graduate or health professional programs.  This recognition will stem from innovations in teaching and research that provide students experiential learning opportunities to bridge theory and practice.  Faculty research and scholarship in chemical and biochemical processes, pulp and paper engineering, bioengineering, and environmental engineering will maintain excellence in these areas through development and understanding of emerging technologies.  Financial resources developed through faculty innovations in teaching and research will not only sustain the program but enhance educational and research leadership.


  • Student Focus
    • Each Student is Valuable and Important
    • Educate and Develop the Whole Student
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Ethics and Safety
  • Industry and Community