CPB Senior Design Projects

Four CPB students in front of their senior design poster

CPB Senior Design Mission Statement

Senior Design Project is a two-semester course that ties together our students’ engineering education during their final year at Miami. The courses feature team-oriented design in which students collaborate with industry professionals and faculty members to solve an engineering challenge with the knowledge gained throughout their undergraduate experience.

Business Benefits

  • Teams with a minimum of two students with the guidance of faculty advisor(s) work for two semesters on the industrial project via engineering design loop
  • Teams will communicate with the industry representatives throughout the project via weekly progress report, mid term and final presentations, and final report with the form of communication determined by the faculty advisor and the industry representatives
  • Deliverables will be determined by the industry representative and faculty advisor(s)
  • Representatives are invited to attend all presentations, CEC’s Senior Design Expo, and the Undergraduate Research Forum
  • Industry representatives are directly engaged with top engineering students to witness first hand the quality of Miami CEC students
  • Faculty expertise contributes to industrial product development

Project Quality Assurance

Each team has a CPB faculty advisor to guide and direct the students throughout the project

Past CPB Projects

  • Papermaking (watermarks, cardboard box, specialty papers, etc)
  • Heat transfer during laser tissue interaction
  • Biodegradable Natural/Synthetic Composites for Food Packaging
  • Scale-up Analysis for a Chemical Biosynthesis Process
  • Internal resistance of a microbial fuel cell
  • Development of UV LED air pollution control module for niche air pollution control systems
  • PFOA's Engineering Design
  • Development of a Prototype Prosthetic Device for the Canine Forelimb
  • Development of a Digital Three-Dimensional Model of Canine Forelimb from CT Data
  • Design and validation of a flow chamber for quantification of platelet attachment to biomaterial surfaces
  • Injectable bone cements for bone fracture repair
  • The Characterization of the Efficacy of Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Computational model of canine gait
  • Antifungal ZnO coating
  • PFOS Degradation
  • AFRL Oxymeter with MME senior design team
  • AICHE Student Design
  • EPA-UV LED Photocatalytic Fuel Vapor Emission Control Device
  • Ovarian Hormone Production
  • Design and Evaluation of a Psilocybin Biosynthesis Facility
  • Design and Evaluation of a Norbaeocystin Biosynthesis Facility
  • Design and Evaluation of Caffeic acid Biosynthesis Facility

Next Steps:

Please contact Dr. Lei Kerr, CPB Senior Design Coordinator, with questions.

Complete and submit the Senior Design Project Application

Please note that there is no guarantee that your project will be accepted. Please provide as much information as possible on the Senior Design Project Application and contact Dr. Kerr if you have questions or concerns.